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  • My unpopular opinion is that Paper Towns is my least favorite John Green book. I think it promotes the 'manic pixie dream girl' picture and it felt sorta pretentious when I last read it. Also, as Looking for Alaska is my favorite (not that it doesn'…
  • While I am now really into all the other things the whole reason I got into nerdfighteria was my older brother. Like I have a vivid memory of me being 8 and him having a nerdfighter shirt on
  • There are 1600 vlogbrother videos which makes picking a favorite completely impossible but I love Hanks yearly Harry Potter song and any Question Tuesday
  • The reason I think its hard for us to choose is because this team has made much amazingly dynamic characters and made them all at least slightly empathizable (except George. He's just a monster)
  • Getting letters is the best. I love this idea. Like both emails and the real thing (if that still exists). Someone be my writing buddy please?
  • Hey this seems like a dead thread (*insert comment about how I know this rhymes*) but I might as well say hi. My name is Bek and I am a gender-fluid pansexual
  • @Ada I'd heard something of the sort but not on that scale. Its honestly amazing to me how someone could produce something like Frankenstein at that age. (no pressure, right?) But like I said it reads like that. Sort of like Hitchhikers Guide to the…
  • @Ada I'm not sure this one counts because it was written in 1987 but Beloved by Toni Morrison is pretty remarkable. If not that one I really enjoyed Jane Eyre. Also Frankenstein is amazing but it really shows how good it is if you read it out loud. …
  • I've always liked it when Calvin went philosophical but this is probably my favorite
  • So I read it for the first time when I was 9. And I didn't get any of it. But I re-read it about 2 months ago and while I liked 1984 more (even with its complete and utter dismissal of an entire gender, this is why I like Margret Atwood's dystopian …
  • Hey I have been reading a lot of classics recently (because I've suddenly decided that I'm really pretentious?) but I've always had a soft spot for YA. My favourite would have to be Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It is just amazingly written with so…
  • Ok so these are a bit contrasting but the theme from Star Trek: Voyager and the theme from Star vs the Forces of Evil. The first one because my older brother couldn't stand it and i lived to spite him and the second because its infectious as hell
  • So I've played flute for 4ish years now? And I'm sorta decent? Also am I correct in assuming that every nerd that plays a wind instrument can play Hedwig's Theme? Because I'm pretty sure thats a rite of passage
  • So I had a pretty early start into John Green because my older brother was a nerdfighter so I read his entire anthology avaliable at the time at age 12/13