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  • I want, I want, I want to help!! I'm gonna send my e-mail right now!
  • I already botes and asked to chilean nerdfighters in facebook to do it. Hope you win!!
  • So... It's like justo something linda natural. Anyway you helped, because everyone around here is like do this and do that and worry about ir and that and I was like "Oh my, this must be hard". I'm lesa worried, thanks you're awesome.
  • Hi! I'm finishing high school in a couple months and I hate it. But, it have a good side too, like everything and everyone, that's an important thing to keep in mind. If someday you feel like you can stand it just think about how realized you'll fee…
  • Well, my name is Gennesis and I'm chilean. I'm a nerdfighter (obviously) and catlady. I like to read, eat, internet and that normal stuff. I study gastronomy but I suck at cooking. Soon I'll be 18 (in less than a month) and I really feel like I don'…
  • Greetings.  As you may have already surmised, my name is Berke Stavoy.  You may recognize that name, and if you do, know that I haven't come to flame. That isn't actually an integral part of my personality, believe it or not.  Hobbies? Wel…
  • "That empty feeling inside when you have to keep your knowledge and your feelings away from each other, because if your feelings were to touch that what you know, you'd break down and cry. Again. As you've done regularly for years. Why can't I ju…
  • Agree, I love Multiply. Is totally awesome. I wonder what Ed thinks about the nerdfighters, I mean, he must know about us with all those tfios' stuff. I'd love to see him doing our nerdfighters greet or saying he's a nerdfighter, that would be awes…
  • My favorite lyrics are from a band called Driver Friendly, the top 1 is a short song called "Why don't you just rain on me?" The lyrics: "Sing me to sleep with the songs that you keep under the bedroom floor. I will stay awake for every moment tha…
  • My favorite is Mozart l'opera rock, a french musical about Mozart's life, really good and funny
  • Tequila Why we always try so hard to get things we just want but we don't really need?
  • I love all the John Green books, but An Abundance of Katherines is my favorite! I just connect so much with Collin in a weird way (not like I've ever written a theorem before) but I am a bit of a prodigy in some subjects. An abundance of Katherin…
  • If you could travel in time, when you'd go and why?
  • Hola. Estudiar español desde hace tres años, pero mi español es MUY mal. Inglés es mi primera idioma. You can always get better with practice, a lot of practice. Así es como yo aprendí inglés, pues mi primer lenguaje es español.
  • Hola! Aquí otra más, muy tarde parece u.u De donde son? Hay un grupo en Facebook llamado Chilean Nerdfighters, ¿están ahí?
  • Hi! I am a natuve spanish speaker (chilean) and I know english so I may could help you (and you help me with english ;3) Wish I knew french, I made an ateempt to learn french some time ago but is hard. I don't know too much how to use Skype but I …