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Nerdiness of the day: "Why does your ThinkPad run on Debian?" Me: "It says IBM on the cover." (Also why use Windows when you could have Linux.)


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Hogwarts House


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  • 1488 In your deck there's a Sol ring, I just need one for my self built one. I'll have a look at those two, but I don't have the time / money to change much of what I have so it'll be a gradual transition at best. I don't have kessig wolf ru…
  • 1488 The werewolf is red green with Ulrich as Commander. I still need a Sol Ring, Command Tower and Immerwolf and a few werewolfs, like Anwerber der Dämmerwache (ideally at least two of him, still need one for my modem deck too) and Mayor of Av…
  • 1488 Well, it's not finished xD
  • 1486 I do have a couple of force flips, but I am still missing an Immerwolf for this deck and I haven't much looked into others yet.
  • 1486 Well, it is fun to play. I currently don't have the money to change it over completely, but I'm gonna have a look if I can modify it a little with my own spares. Next Friday I'm going to test out the 100 card collection that wants to be my…
  • 1486 Well, I lost three times out of three, but I managed to be one of the last two standing in a four player match and a five player match (the first match I played was a two player), so I guess it's doing fine. I'm gonna need a while longer t…
  • 1486 Oh crap. That almost sounds as if something was botched in between. It's a shame you're not living closer to us or I'd ask my brother for a proper estimate, because in my experience mechanics have a habit of overcharging. On the up s…
  • 1474 No it's okay. It's more of a time problem, because I don't want to play them unsleeved but I won't get to the shop before Friday.
  • 1468 Well, that sucks. I haven't had the chance yet, since commander is only played on Fridays and on Fridays I always have seminars until very late. Fortunately this week is the last time this semester we have these late seminars, so next we…
  • 1468 Well, they are still a company that needs to stay solvent... What happened?
  • 1526 Hey guys, I'm back
  • 1524 By now, yes. Because if I don't, it's completely hopeless.
  • 1520 For some reason I'm the one who always ends up coordinating all of my family, although I'm the one living furthest from everyone else.
  • 1520 Sorry, Christmas craziness has set in.
  • 1512
  • 1509
  • 1509
  • 1507 Maybe they tried to make it more open to the larger DFTBA community that's not just nerdfighters? But yeah, there's a lot of perks about things I've never even heard about. Not that I'm very knowledgable in that area.
  • 1507 If it's just because people missed it, that would be really sad.
  • 1506 It's also not super user friendly. I had to do every perk one by one and enter my credit card info every time, which took ages, considering how slowly the side was running.
  • 1506 Maybe it's just me, my slightly unstable internet and my really old computer, but Indiegogo is also giving me a really hard time. I'm trying to contribute for over half an hour now and I'm slowly getting really frustrated.
  • 1506 Well, it's not over yet. Maybe they're just rather spending in the second half?
  • 1504
  • 1504 I'm trying, there's just that little problem of time. And so many other books that need reading.
  • 1504 Well, turtles is one of the p4a perks, and I think an absolutely remarkable thing isn't. But I shamefully admit that I haven't read any green books except for paper towns yet so they're all on my 2019 book list anyway.
  • 1502 Yes. I'm also thinking about getting the Turtles all the way down, because I still need to get it anyway. It's kinda funny since I thought about getting the tuatara pin version from DFTBA when I placed my pizzamass order and back then the deci…
  • 1502 I really want the dear Kathrin and Sarah podcast and the turtles hat knit pattern. And probably one more thing, but I haven't decided on that yet.
  • 1501 That's ok. I'm thinking of getting at least one download thing, so at least I'm gonna have something right away. I'm kinda excited because I don't know how I'm going to be able to donate the next years, depending on how much I can work next ye…
  • 1501 I'm studying through the whole weekend. But this year for the first time at least I'm in a position to donate.