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DFW, Texas
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DFW, Texas
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The sorting hat said Ravenclaw but my honor is with Gryffindor


  • * Expose yourself to creativity. That means reading, watching, tasting, experiencing. Go to art shows. Pick up magazines. Listen to radio shows. Immerse yourself. * Write it down. Every stupid and fantastic idea you have, write it down. Keep in s…
  • If you haven't already you should try using Interpals. I have found it useful in the past to gain likeminded penpals.
  • I collect many things... - Bad habits - Ailments - A prolificacy of interests - Chopsticks - 1 inch pinback buttons - Kidrobot style vinyl toys As far as adults collecting things meant for preschoolers, I'm for it. Unless that entails stealing the…
  • I don't like being drunk. Tipsy, perhaps. Drunk, no. It doesn't seem to trigger anything in me except the frustration of losing my ability to be coherent. As well as, a hangover. This is all to say, "I hardly ever drink". Also, I always wonder at h…
  • I think most people here will tell you to seek a therapist who you can build trust with. A person who is a third party helper, so to speak. You know, you give them money to not judge you and all that. There is other advice. Journaling. Building a s…
  • I suppose it depends where you want to take yourself and what kind of music you like. I listen to a lot of ethereal electronic music to open up my head or empty droning rock to get in touch with my darkside. Although this comes up in my playlist a…
  • - I am 34 and always have to check to figure out my age. Because it's too much trouble to pay attention to that. - I have a 15 year old son. - I have a lot of gray hair. - I don't care what anyone thinks and that has been persistent throughout my li…
  • I should have mentioned writing letters. I am sure the very conservative Texan politicians I write to are tired of hearing from me. Hopefully you have better luck than I.
  • I always find myself scouring the internet for things that are hard to describe or that I can't remember enough for Google to help. Thing one I am looking for right now: There was a childrenish picture book that would have like the word undertow an…
  • I am not sure how to get the government to change their truly horrifying allowances on refugee acceptance. It would take incentive and a lot of political movement. It really should be every single country opening their borders to refugees. We live i…
  • It totally counts. Since you like that, you may like Ray Marimura. He's a Japanese woodblock print artist that has this way of making his surroundings appear so graphically pleasing. Not Illustration work I know, but still, so nice. If you want…
  • All of them? And in celebration of that, I have dedicated my on-line presence to... 18 Days of Global Goals The first day being an explanation of what the Global Goals are. Then the consecutive days highlighting one goal at a time and how a person…
  • Luke said: jimspider13 said: . Are you on mobile, desktop or tablet? I rarely use the site on mobile or tablet, but on desktop you just click the image button when you're making a post to add the url to your image Thi…
  • I pretty much use Pinterest as a hoarding idea board for inspiration.
  • I say wi-kah-pedia. Which is almost as bad as when I say, Melk or Pellow. (Milk or Pillow).
  • Another trick is using a bit of regular hydrogen peroxide to rub the rogue color out of your skin. You know, so you don't have that rainbow dalmatian look. ... Unless that's what you go for. Then have at it, boss.
  • When we talk about helping humanity, we tend to forget about our intrinsic interdependence. We have this idea that there is a great separation between you and me and the billions of others that live on this planet. Yet, we share everything. Think …
  • Special Effects typically bonds to the hair longer than Manic Panic. At least from my experience. However, it might have to do with the shampoo you are using. Shampoos with high detergents or even certain plant oils can open up the cuticle/strip th…
  • I once explained my lifetime as a ribbon of ink. In reality that ribbon of ink exists all at once and my perception of time is like a typewriter striking certain points in a linear way. Meaning that I can only perceive time in a certain way, even if…
  • 'Otai definitely. Thai Iced Tea and Horchata are tied for second.
  • I have a variety of sleep issues. Sleepwalking. Insomnia. Snoring of which gets so bad I wake myself up. Most importantly, I lucid dream and I have a long history of epic nightmares. Often, I awake more exhausted than when I go to sleep. That all …
  • I found this to be satisfying.