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Cross posted from the lost island (http://nerdfighters.ning.com/) So...... Hello Nerdfighters. I hope this is a right platform for me to post and blog about things. Who is she? First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a nerd someone who totally fall in love with my major. I am doing my master degree in alternative energy. Extremely passionate about sustainability, green energy, making things. I've been volunteering in some international organizations. Volunteering gave me a chance to understand more about business side of the world. I've been managing several international conferences, facilitating, organizing logistics and almost every other side you can possibly think of. Most of my projects were focused on youth empowerment. Preparing future leaders of Mongolia. Making connection in an international level and developing, engaging the youth. While I was managing all those things from scratch to final event, I've developed from an country girl to someone with an international perspective. Now, I live in USA and working on my masters degree with one of the most prestigious award.  Why is she writing this: 1. Values and principles: Well, I have been watching this Green brothers and their colleagues over the internet throughout for number of years. On/off... I respect what they do, I think in most of the things, I have the same principles and values with them. That was one of the reason I came here to be part of this community while I am studying in US.  2. Community: I think this website build a strong community where people can find their pals with similar interests. Sometimes, I fell super alone. Being an Asian, being an open minded person, being an engineer, being an alternative energy enthusiast etc... Things can get super lonely, sometimes... And since, this is blog within the community, I have the sense of security, (Hoping that these posts will not go all around the internet, you know) and more importantly sense of belonging to something I could be part of... I do think, this is something I could be in... that's all about it. What does she want? As you can see, I am trying to build some group of like-minded people with whom I can talk to, instead of explaining bunch of things from the beginning, right? I am new into this all American thing. I will try to blog as often as possible about several month. If I don't get any response from the community, and can't find a single like-minded person from here. I will just stop. If I get better response from the community, and find some other like-minded people (hopefully....fingers crossed) who know where I will go, what I will do, right? Yay Okay, thanks for reading. Hope to get to know more about you guys! Thanks, Emma. PS:Apologies for my 4-year-self-taught-English-grammar-skill-ish thing... It's just HORRIBLE... I know. But I will get better, okay? I've been using this language for about 4 yrs, only. Not to mention it's not my first language, in fact it's my third. :P  


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