LeakyCon Portland 2013

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Obligatory who's going thread

It's my birthday weekend so I'll be there as a birthday gift from my parents! Best birthday gift ever or BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER?
Let's be friends!  Message me if you need anything!


  • ittakesiiittakesii Posts: 204 Admin
    best ever!

    i still am in the "we'll see" state of mind.
  • itfeelslikegolditfeelslikegold Posts: 109 Admin
    I hope so! I want to be at all the cons forever.
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  • zikirizikiri Posts: 79 Mod
    I would love to!
  • heydestinyyheydestinyy Tacoma, WAPosts: 1 Mod
    I really hope I will be. If I take summer courses, I'm not sure how it's going to work out. But it's in Portland, so I'll be there one way or another...even if I can only go two days or something.
  • Off-topic: Dest, I love the photo of you and Marcus. :)

    On-topic: Leaky is way too expensive for me, which sucks because Portland is RIGHT THERE. :-/ at least i get to go visit Destiny in January!
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    I'll go if DFTBA wants to get a booth again~ 
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  • Sammich117Sammich117 Posts: 302 Admin
    I have a ticket but am not sure if I'll be able to go. It will likely come down to Leaky vs Vidcon and Vidcon wins hands down.
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 18
    Sad for me, it's not thaaat easy going there when you're from Germany. But I'll be there with you (at least in my mind)!
  • emiliarmusemiliarmus Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    i would LOVE to go. Leaky12 was my first con, and now i never want to leave and just live at cons for ever and ever.
    however, that doesn't work
    And Portland is far away from Michigan, so don't think i'll make it. 
  • MaddieFieldMaddieField Posts: 3
    I'll be going, I'm super excited! Leaky 2012 was my first con, and I just fell totally in love with the whole thing. It's really a place like no other (although, I imagine VidCon is pretty awesome as well :) )
  • TheJessicersTheJessicers Posts: 19
    I'll be there! 
    I'm gonna be taking the train (!!!) to Leaky. How awesome is that?!
    I went to Leaky 2012 as well, and after just coming home from VidCon I wasn't sure how it would compare but it was incredible and amazing and i don't think I could ever NOT go to a Leaky from now until forever :D
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  • bluejaybluejay Posts: 14
    Hopefully! I really enjoyed Leaky2012 but I'm going to have to wait and see if I have enough time off accrued/funds. I want to come and see everybody :D
  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I'm going to be there! I bought my Lit pass last weekend and I'd love to meet up with some people and hang out.. I've never gone to Leakycon before because I haven't been able to get to where it is. but I live in portland so awesome sauce 
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    Already bought my pass!! =D I don't know if I'll be working though, but I hope not, because I don't want to miss it at all! LeakyCon is so much fun!!
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  • Registered Rockstar! I'm so excited. I've gone to the past two LeakyCons.
  • Just registered today! My friends and I are going together -- it's the perfect last hurrah before we all go our separate ways for college, and nearby too. 

    We're all going to be working hard on different costumes. What do you guys have in the works, if you're going?
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    I went to Leaky 2012 in Chicago and there's no way I can stay away! I was Rockstar this year, but for Portland I just registered with Regular + Lit, and I also have a Portkey from the Equality FTW fundraiser. I'm so excited! The Nerdfighter events were some of the best parts of Chicago, so I'm particularly excited for those next year.

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  • katsweirdkatsweird Indianapolis,IndianaPosts: 108 ✭✭
    I went to LeakyCon Chicago and I can't imagine not going. It's so much fun and I'm so excited for Portland! I'm also gonna try and volunteer, seems like a lot of fun. Can't wait for LeakyCon 2013!!!! 
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  • isabelraeisabelrae Posts: 67
    I went to Leakycon Chicago and I'm going again in 2013, I'm so excited! 
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  • I bought my ticket yesterday! So excited!!!
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  • inwardpluminwardplum Posts: 246 ✭✭
    katsweird said:
    I went to LeakyCon Chicago and I can't imagine not going. It's so much fun and I'm so excited for Portland! I'm also gonna try and volunteer, seems like a lot of fun. Can't wait for LeakyCon 2013!!!! 
    I'm thinking about volunteering as well! Seems like an awesome way to make friends.

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  • I went to Leaky Orlando and Leaky Chicago, and got registration to Leaky Portland for my birthday this year! I'm super excited. Regular registration and lit pass. 

    Hopefully a lot of my friends will be able to go again this year- meeting and seeing internet friends is sort of the best thing.
    DFTBA, DFYAA, and best wishes, 
  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I have no idea about what goes on. Anyone want to debrief what happened. Is it all just Harry potter or do neighboring fandoms do things.
  • ErikaErika Posts: 125 ✭✭
    I used to be mostly Harry Potter, but last leaky started opening for other fandoms as well (Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Glee... you name it).

    That and LeakyCon has this awesome thing called Lit Track that is a series of panels with authors, editors and agents about the book industry and personal experiences with books.
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  • inwardpluminwardplum Posts: 246 ✭✭
    I recommend adding on the Lit Track to anyone who just bought a regular registration. All of the guests are so incredibly funny and wonderful to watch, and if you want a chance to meet John, the Lit only signings are the best chances to do so, especially since they're way more laid back and you have a better opportunity to say hello!

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  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I bought the Lit pass because I wanted the extra opportunity since this might be my only chance to go to Leaky Con 
  • I've purchased a lit pass but I don't know if I'll have enough to go :[ Its the hotel stuff that kills because only one of my friends has the money to go. I really want to go! Leaky '11 was fun :] 
  • ErikaErika Posts: 125 ✭✭
    If you can't find more people to share the room with you, there is always the option of staying in cheaper hotel close to the conference. Of course, staying in the same hotel is the best option, but if that is not possible, at least you don't have to miss the conference.
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  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    You could try befriending someone going and maybe share a room.

    I haven't thought about the sleeping arrangement I live in milwaukie which is about 30 minutes away from portland but I don't want drive that long every day so maybe I'll share a room with some people... I don't know!

  • I'll be there, just haven't bought registration yet. I've been to every Leaky (all 2!!!) and also Terminus, Azkatraz, and Infinitus, as well as every Wrockstock. 
    If you haven't decided if you're going to Leaky yet, guess what YOU'RE GOING. YOU SHOULD GO.
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