Hank's Song Strange Charm

Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of PeaceJefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
Am I the only one who loves this song, I mean I love all of his songs but this one is amazing.
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  • strukbylightninstrukbylightnin Southern CaliforniaPosts: 331 ✭✭
    It is probably my all-time favorite song by Hank Green. It was the first one I learned all the words to, and I am really not sure why I love it so much in particular.
  • Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of Peace Jefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
    I love it because it demands that we all have something in common or atleast thats how I perceived it.
    I am the Duke of Earl, and I also am Earl For To and Of Peace
  • amyandmelodypondamyandmelodypond Minnesota Posts: 18
    I love this song so much! It's one of my favorite Hank Green songs. I'm still in the process of learning all of the words but I'm actually learning in the song and it's just so catchy and fun.
  • MetabeardMetabeard Posts: 111 ✭✭
    Am I the only one who was instantly reminded of Hawkwind's album "Quark, Strangeness, And Charm"?

    I mean, Hank's definitely has more to do with the actual science, but I kinda thought the similarities were funny :P
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  • hiyagalhiyagal EnglandPosts: 63
    I may or may not have memorized the words to this song...
  • R_boosh_RR_boosh_R EnglandPosts: 18

    ooh I love this one! but I think I love The Anglerfish Song about the same amount :/


  • AdaAda Posts: 101
    I love this song so much! It's fantastic! The world needs more songs about quantum physics.
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