Fantastic Beasts

Starting this thread because I NEED TO FANGIRL WITH SOMEONE! Absolutely loved the movie. A bit more juvenile than some of the HP movies but I thought it was hilarious! Since it is meant to be a 5 part series I assume it will get darker over time. Thoughts?


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    I like the main characater. But the movie doesn't have the immidiate grip any of the HP movies did. Wasn't bad though.
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  • I like the main characater. But the movie doesn't have the immidiate grip any of the HP movies did. Wasn't bad though.

    I agree it was a bit lighter than some of the other HP movies, but I definitely expect JK to take the series to new heights!
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    Don't worry @alysilverberg I am here to fangirl with you!!!! My best friend and I went to the movies 4 times to see it on the big screen because we both loved it so much
  • TheTomTheTom Posts: 17
    This film was amazing! Eddie Redmayne was the perfect choice for the Newt Scamander.
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    I think it's interesting seeing people describe it as juvenile and light, since I thought it was darker in overall theme than the other movies, especially for a first movie. Compare it to the relatively light tone of the first Harry Potter. Despite the adorable creatures throughout, I found the themes and moral grays explored in Fantastic Beasts to be darker, more complex, and more adult in nature than the themes of the early Harry Potter stories, especially. I also appreciated that the heroes we were following weren't destined or fated...they were just there.

    Personally, I think Fantastic Beasts is my favorite Potterverse movie. I want to stress that i said movie. There are still books I like better, but I'm pretty critical of the movies, especially the third movie and onward (I also want to stress that my criticisms are more related to filmmaking than to how accurately it adapted the books).

    I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with this, and I hope that it goes further with the darker themes. From what I hear, Rowling was asked to tone down the darkness from her first draft, so I suspect Rowling will have no trouble going to greater depths, so long as the studio doesn't interfere. I'm hoping they only asked that because it was the first in a series, and you need something that can both catch a wide audience while also leaving somewhere to go and grow.
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    I really loved it and I think that it captured the harry potter atmosphere very well
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    Has anyone else seen the new trailer? For the Crimes Of Grindelwald? Because oh my gosh, I'm so excited!
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