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English or Western? Horses or ponies? Speed or judged events?

I do both English & Western... jumpers, dressage, rodeo, cross country (never actually competed, but I did go to Ireland for four weeks for an XC summer program!)
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    I ride sporadically, but always English (there really isn't a lot of western style going on here). Jumping is my favourite, but I also like flat work.

    I'm not that good.

    I'm a bit big for ponies (real ones ;) ), since I'm 6" and 13 stone.
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  • English. Always English. I haven't really ridden at all since June, though, for medical issues. D: I sometimes jump but mostly do flatwork, since I've only been riding for 9 seasons (three years without winters) and my stable waits a looong time before letting anyone jump anything. The only shows I do are barn shows

    It's somewhat hard for me because my stable isn't open in winter, so I get to talk my dad into driving me 40 minutes at 8 AM on Sundays to the only other somewhat inexpensive one there is. He doesn't like horses anymore. xD

    @dyaizon The fact that the real ones are all earth ponies is a bit of a let down, too.
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    I mostly ride English, and I jump during most of my lessons as that's what I'm most experienced with but once in a while I'll ride Western (mostly when I go on trail rides, or I just want a more laid back riding day). 

    I haven't competed very much. I've done a few shows here and there and I was on my high school's equestrian team. I was never the best at shows but for me showing isn't what I love, I just love being around the horses.

    Right now I ride a big Appendix Quarter Horse mare (she's almost 17 hands) and I absolutely love her. Once you figure her out you can do just about anything with her. I've done English (jumping, flatwork, and showmanship)  and Western (flatwork, trail patterns, reining, speed events) with her myself and I know she has been shown in Dressage in the past.
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    I'm somewhat of a lapsed rider but I'm hopefully going to get back into it when I've finished university :) I'm from the UK so I pretty much exclusively ride English, but I have ridden Western on a couple of occasions. Can't say I adjusted to it that well, though, 10+ years of English training was hard to undo! I didn't realise how much of it had become second nature. I'm too tall to ride ponies these days, my old horse was 16.2/16.3, but I do miss all the silly stuff we used to be able to do with the ponies rather than horses, messing around with gymkhana games etc. I haven't competed much aside from some Pony Club events, definitely prefer dressage/flatwork to showjumping/cross country (which I justify to myself as enjoying the satisfaction that you get when you perfect dressage moves... but I think in reality it's just because I'm a bit of a wimp) 
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    It upsets me that this thread hasn't been touched in 8 months :( anyway...

    I hven't ridden in nearly 2 years now because I had to give it up due to the cost. However, I had previously ridden for nearly 10 years and absolutely loved it. I lived horse-riding. I was a volunteer helper from the age of 10 at my second riding stables, leading younger or less able riders during their lessons if they needed a lead rein, monitoring hacks, grooming, helping sort jumps, muching out, everything. I would ride twice a week - once as a piad for lesson and once free as a reward for helping out. I competed when I was younger as part of the Pony Club and was crowned Pony Clubber of the Year one year at my first riding school. :D I was so so happy. I switched stables aged 8 or 9 (9 I think) because the first was a comptetion stables, and while it was great for my ability in dressage, I got bored. They never let me do anything else. Coincidentally, the week i left was the week they introduced show jumping... after I told them the reason I was leaving. I left anyway. I kind of regret it, but the atmosphere at km second stables was so much friendlier and more relaxed, even if it adversely affected my rate of improvement.

    I never had my own horse because my family couldn't afford it. But I borrowed horses for days to compete and went on summer courses where I could loan a horse for a week. It was amazing. I really miss it. I still watch eventing competitions and every time I wish I could get back in the saddle. Maybe some day :) hopefully.
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    I prefer western, generally, but have only ever ridden English like...twice.  And...horses.  Not ponies.  Though I will call all of them "horsies" or "ponies" sometimes.  But ponies seem to be more temperamental and likely to try to bite me.  
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    Western speed events are the most fun to get ready for and watch. At our county fair we pull out the glitter and the paint for barrels and poles. I have always ridden in western pleasure classes though, and it will always be a part of my heart. I want to learn English. My trainer has a retired champion hunt seat QH, and he is a joy to ride. I am so glad I found this thread, I thought I was the only equestrian nerdfighter!!
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    I've only ridden a horse once, but I really enjoyed it.  I could see getting really into it, if it were more accessible to me and more affordable (I'm in a major metro area, so that means I have to drive a ways to find horses to ride, and then the cost is high).

    Western definitely appeals to me more.  It seems more relaxed and natural, and seems like it would be more practically useful.
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  • centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
    English! THo it's been years since I've ridden. I loved it, both flat work & jumping!
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    English. Always English. I haven't really ridden at all since June, though, for medical issues. D: I sometimes jump but mostly do flatwork, since I've only been riding for 9 seasons (three years without winters) and my stable waits a looong time before letting anyone jump anything. The only shows I do are barn shows
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