Horror game recommendations?

I want to be scared! I haven't genuinely been scared in awhile. So, any sweet horror game recommendations Nerdfighteria?


  • rydude17rydude17 ScotlandPosts: 8,636 ✭✭✭✭
    Five nights at Freddy's
    The Midnight Game
    The Hat Man
    It Moves
    Black Rose
    Dungeon Nightmares
    The Groundskeeper
    Within Deep Sorrows

    Honestly if you like horror, there are a lot of games out there for you.
  • leonwingsteinleonwingstein VTPosts: 2,683 Mod
    The Evil Within is terrifying and I love it.
    Also, if you're into something slower and stuff, the earlier Resident Evil games (specifically the first two, Code Veronica, etc).  Also the Revelations spinoff series.  So good.
    And Dead Space.  Terrifying.  In space.
    And I'll be checking back here for more recommendations myself.
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  • jeni_danieljeni_daniel Posts: 1

    The best horror game i have ever played is Resident Evil 7.

    The player controls the protagonist, Ethan Winters, from a first-person perspective.[1] though Ethan could be a civilian World Health Organization offers few combat skills,[2] he's able to arm himself with a spread of various weapons as well as handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws[3] against the Baker family, and a android kind of bacterium called the "Molded".

    This is a very interesting game.
  • TheTomTheTom Posts: 17
    I would definitely recommend The Evil Within. Absolutely terrifying.
  • kennrosekennrose Posts: 2
    I recommend White Chamber. It's a point-n-click adventure game. The plot is amazing and has a few endings. And it's hella scary.
  • Baby_GhostlingBaby_Ghostling Upstate New YorkPosts: 5
    I'd recommend Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, and Resident Evil 4
  • greenlightgreenlight Posts: 16
    I would recommend Resident Evil 7 or P.T. those are freaky as heck!
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