How do I write lyrics?

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I looked through the 9 pages of topics and didn't find anything, but let me know if I missed it!

I'm a singer and instrumentalist, and I would really like to get some recordings done of my own songs.  The only problem is that I always get stuck on the lyrics.  I usually get a verse, a chorus, and often even a bridge, but I always struggle with writing a second verse.  Like, ALWAYS.  I can't even tell you how many songs I have in this state (largely because even I don't know, they're scattered through various notebooks)..

So, I was wondering if any of my fellow musicians here in Nerdfighteria might have any tips for me?

[Also, if you're someone who writes lyrics and/or songs but have no inclination to sing/record them on your own, I'm personally fond of the idea of working out an arrangement to buy your song from you :) ]


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    Not really sure how to help write, but my advice would be to not follow the typical lyric compisition. Many of my favorite songs deviate from usual verse, bridge, and chorus structure and make the songs unique. Try writing a song with only one verse or maybe even no chorus. Experiment and find what suites the moment; never know what greatness you might create.
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    Write what you think is right. You'll develop a system/form over time, and, if you don't, then that means all of your songs will be different. That's completely okay.
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    i don't know if this is still an issue for you.
    but if you ever need lyric writing help.
    i AM the guy to help.
    i've written more bridges and co-written more songs than i can count.
    i CAN help.
    hit me up and let the magic begin.
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    Lyrics are just poetry. There isn't always a system. If it sounds right, it sounds right :3
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