Wishing I Could Buy A 25th Hour - Time Management Techniques Ideas/Help

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So I know everyone has wicked busy lives, I'm not different. I work full time, I'm a Master's student, I'm married, and I have a newborn. I have been working for a long time to perfect my self control, energy levels, and time management skills in order to balance all of these things. I would love to discuss these techniques with you and see how we can all help each other.

What has helped me the most is a to do list. I have one to do list for home things (stuff like don't forget to pay this bill, don't forget to clean that, tighten the screw on that wall plate), one for school, and one for work. Breaking it down this way helps me because that way when I get into a mode where I'm working on a certain thing I can just pull up that list and I don't get distracted by the others. I also get a huge sense of accomplishment by working my list down.

This segues nicely into the fact that I do have different time budgeted for different things. I'm not a person who books specific hours for specific things, more like I say okay tomorrow morning I'm doing homework, then I'll eat lunch and do stuff around the apartment. After that I have to head into work so I'll get as much done as I can. I really have worked to not sweat the small stuff.

The biggest other help I've noticed is working as hard as I can to not cut any corners. Even down to taking off my shoes and putting them back properly. I was totally someone who would slip off my sneakers, throw them in the closet, and not super worry if they were perfect. I've found that cutting out behavior like that has helped me gain focus. This is where I definitely struggle the most, because it is tough when you're always in a rush to focus so much. At least I struggle with it.

So that's just some of the stuff I work with/on, what do you all do? Do you have any recommendations? Can we all help each other?

The other problem I have is the guilty feeling that I can't keep up with all of the things I would want to. For example, I'm not nearly as involved of a nerdfighter as I would love to be. I watch every vlogbrothers video and a smattering from the other channels, but I would really kill to be more involved in the forum, eff yeah nerdfighters, the reddit, etc. but at some point something just has to give. Does anyone have any recommendations for dealing with that feeling of wishing you could be more involved but you just physically can't?
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    I don't have many things to time-manage, so I don't know much about wringing out those extra minutes where you can. I do however know one thing, from when I studied full time and worked part time: Don't burn yourself out, that will waste months or even years for you, and you'll forever be more sensitive to stress and more likely to relapse. Make sure that you get time to actually feel relaxed too, and if you can't, then there's something else that needs to go (preferably not the kids...). I was lucky enough to realise what was happening before the point of no return so I made radical changes (like, I didn't get my exam until 3,5 years after I should have gotten it) and managed to avoid a long sick leave, but it wasn't far from ending up there...

    Remember that most things can be done later, too. Active in Nerdfighteria? Probably easier when your kids are older (the forum may have died, but I'm 100% sure that nerdfighteria will exist in some incarnation on the internet many years from now). Cleaning the house? Maybe doesn't need to be done as often (unless a dirty and untidy house stresses you). Are you doing the dishes manually or do you have a dishwasher, and other time-saving devices?

    Best wishes with your time-managing!
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