Most disturbing book you've ever read?



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    Bambuko said:

    Lolita by Nabokov. I read that many academics think it is the most beautiful portrait of a female character in the literature. What I find most interesting is that the language used in this book resembles graphomania, the narrator is being pornographic

    I know I'm suuuuper late on this, but if you're at all interested in the ethics of pornography and feminism, I have an essay for you to read!
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    it wasn't THAT disturbing, but Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

    i don't really read disturbing books though?

    ETA: i don't remember the title of this book, but my...senior year of high school i believe, while i was working in the library and had my hands on ALL TEH NEW GOODIEZ, i remember i read this book that you could consider disturbing: it was about this girl who got abducted by a child molester while she was at the zoo or something and she wasn't very far from where she had lived, but he threatened her the whole time that if she tried running away, he'd kill her family and that they didn't love her anymore and they had replaced her with another child. and i also specifically remember he would send her to get waxed in her nether regions when she hit puberty because he was disgusted that she was developing cause he liked them extra fresh. anyway, in the end the guy ends up getting killed by i don't remember who but it was in a park and i remember something about a police officer - i think he tried to help her. IT WAS REALLY GOOD. if anyone knows what the hell i'm talking about, let me know cause i'd like to read that book again.
    I realize I'm three years late to this, but I remember this book... Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. I came across it working in a library, too, and oh jeez, did it ever get in my head.
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    The most disturbing book I ever read was when I was 14, and it wasn't in English and I cannot recall the title, but it's contents left a lasting impression of the worlds worst nightmare...
    It was about a boy, who could not perish from the world, but he could die... And he died so many times and in worse and worse ways, but the worst part was that every time he made a new acquaintance... And then however many years down the line it took him to get killed... He would return to that starting point... And at first it was with a friend... A cousin... And each time he lived longer before he died, only to have all those memories with that person amount to nothing... And then he met a woman, got married, had kids, and in his last moments of thinking he would die and stay dead in old age... He awoke... At the beginning... And it was more psychologically tormenting, I can't do the book justice ... :( I didn't even finish it because it hurt to read...
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    The most disturbing book I have ever read was an ebook and it was quite long. I don't remember the name of the book, I remember the username of the author had rainbow in it and that is all. It was essentially about the trade of a slave among very rich people in modern times. There were several slaves talked about and they were forced to do many things and by the time I quit reading most of them had already died after being tortured extensively. At that point the book became far to descriptive for me to continue reading and I felt sick to my stomach. It was surprisingly well written for a cheap ebook but it wasn't really the greatest book. It was very very detail heavy, they described the torture chambers of the rich men in great detail taking time to talk about every tool in sight. The book was just sadistic in nature and it really wasn't my type of book but it was definitely very disturbing.
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    I apologize in advance as this might offend some people but the most disturbing book I've ever read is the Bible.
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    I think for me it would have to be the Road by Cormac McCarthy. So stripped back, but so terrifying and unsettling.
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    The most disturbing book that I've ever read would be Dark Water by Suzuki Koji. He is known for writing Ringu, but I think that Dark water is waaay more thrilling. These stories had been keeping me up at night for at least two weeks! I remember that I wasn't even able to do my homework properly because I was so sleepy:)
  • It wasn't a book, but a short story. A little girl always wore a ribbon around her neck and a little boy asked her why she wore it all the time. She kept saying that she would tell him later. Eventually, they get married and when they're older he asks her again and she unties the bow and her head falls off.

    I was like 7 years old when I read this, I was traumatized for years.
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