Harry Potter Is Immortal

Hi everyone. I hope you're well and happy. I've recently read some Harry Potter Theories and the question of Harry's immortality comes to mind and I'd love to know what answers or theories you have.


  • tuttitutti Posts: 68
    I think he could be if he wanted to. In the Tale of the Three Brothers It says that the youngest brother, who had the Cloak of Invisibility, was able to hide from Death until he passed on the cloak to his son. Because Harry now owns the cloak he could hide from Death if he wanted to, which would allow him to be immortal. He probably wouldn't do this though but its always an option.

    When I was little I used to think that all wizards/witches were immortal but I only thought that because Dumbledore was so old. I guess they might just have longer lifespans than usual, like hobbits.

    Interesting question!
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