Input on Possible Project

beyondtheskybeyondthesky Posts: 17
So in dealing with my mental health issues, I'm thinking of utilizing my youtube account and actually making videos related to mental health, as well as a way to get ideas off my mind without falling into the traps I have in the past.

Advice? Are there things I should avoid doing? Precautions I should take?


  • lmjakiellmjakiel Florida, USAPosts: 3
    Hi Beyondthesky,

    I would be very careful and firm about your commenting policy. People can be cruel given the anonymity of the internet, so having a blocking, no comments, not reading comments policy, etc. is something you will need to make a decision on. Even if you don't plan to look at comments, there's a temptation there to know what other people think for good or bad. Also, you need to brace yourself for dislikes.

    Regarding personal information regarding your mental health diagnosis, you'll have to decide whether you'll appear on camera, whether you'll use your real voice, name, etc. I would caution you to think about future employment ramifications if information about you mental illness was in front of a potential employer would you still hire this person..(that sort of reflection). There's nothing to say you can't make the videos and just post them via private as well.

    I hope this helps.


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