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Anyone here watch agents of SHIELD? It's my favorite show, if you can't tell by my username. I'm really pumped for season 4, it's going to be about ghost rider! I can't say I know too much about him, but I really like the personality of the guy that is playing him!

Also is anyone else really upset that they cancelled Marvel's most wanted? Do you think they will bring Hunter and Bobbi back?


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    I've watched all three seasons with one of my friends and I gotta say I was super bummed about the last finale since it killed off one of my favorite characters after only a season and a half of rushed development. I'm still looking forward to season 4 though.
    I didn't know they had canceled Marvel's Most Wanted though, I hope they bring Hunter and Bobbi back even for just one episode in the future. The dynamic between those two was always awesome.
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    When you say you don't know much about him are you talking about Robbie Reyes specifically or Ghost Rider in general? Robbie Reyes isn't the only Ghost Rider so it's kind of confusing the way you said that.

    Personally this is the first time I've ever heard of Robbie Reyes. When I heard that Ghost Rider was going to be in this season I was expecting Johnny Blaze.

    Johnny did end up in the series but was never named on screen. I'm fairly sure that was Johnny Blaze who passed the Ghost Rider to Robbie Reyes when he retells his origin story. We also never really get a clear shot of that Ghost Rider. So not only do I think that was Johnny Blaze but I also think they never showed his face because they wanted to tie in the Nicholas Cage movies without actually having to pay him massive amounts of money to appear in a TV series.

    I had to do some digging and though it's not confirmed the actor playing Robbie did tweet out an image of a comic book cover featuring both Robbie Reyes and Johnny Blaze right after the episode aired and the costume used for that episode appears similar to what Nicholas Cage wore in the Ghost Rider movies when he was portraying Johnny Blaze. This might not confirm anything but it's strongly hinted at that those movies are part of the MCU. If that does end up being the case, because neither movie was produced by Disney and the first Ghost Rider was actually made before Ironman the first official entry into the MCU, that would mean that Nicholas Cage's movies are the first pre-existing Marvel films to be added into the MCU rather than rebooting the franchise like they did with Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-man.

    A lot of people don't like the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider movies but I do and would be totally fine with including them in the MCU... although I liked the first one better. The sequel for some reason decided to give him a different motorcycle which is missing the skull on the front rather than using the one that was custom built for the first movie and is so much more accurate to the comics. I think they also had a different director and the guy who made the first movie was actually a fan of Ghost Rider who tried to make things as close to the comics as possible while the sequel just completely screwed everything up. I suppose we have to accept both movies if we accept them at all... but if it's at all an option I'd rather pretend Spirit of Vengeance never happened and only take the first Ghost Rider as part of the MCU.
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    Season 6 is coming!
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    I hate to say it but I think they should just end the series.

    That last season was meant to take place at the same time as Avengers Infinity War. They talk about Thanos in the show but due to the budget restraints I pretty much knew he was never going to show up. To make things worse we don't even see any of the concequences of the movie in the show. Not going to spoil for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet but there's a pretty big thing that happens which should of happened at the end of the season as well. But nope...

    In earlier seasons the show would go on hiatus when a new movie came out then when they came back from that hiatus they would of worked in the events of that movie into the plot for the show, you'd see some of the aftermath of the movie's events. But having the show have a plot that's suppose to work along side the movie kinda ruins it and makes the lower budget of the series painfully obvious.

    It's a good show but lately I'm having a painfully hard time believing that there's actually a shared universe with the movies. I feel like they could be even better if they didn't have to force in a shared universe and could just be it's own thing.

    The Netflix series are even worse as I never bought the idea of a shared universe. They don't even seem to be trying, they're just doing their own universe and I think that should be it's own universe. Not everything needs to be connected.

    The MCU should only be the movies, no low budget TV series. If they can't afford to make an actual crossover happen then there's no point in having them share a universe.

    The Netflix series should be a separate universe of it's own and that be really easy considering it already feels like one.

    Agents of SHEILD at this point I think should just be retired and decanonized from the MCU. This is really the only series that ever felt like it was even trying to exist in the same universe but the movies never make any reference to it. As far the Avengers know Agent Coleson is still dead from the events of the first Avengers. Though Black Widow is aware that he was brought back to life since she did guest star in the pilot. However for someone who is also an Agent of SHIELD both her and Halkeye were agents before they were Avengers but they're never around. Plus when SHEILD got downsized after having to rebuild what Hydra destroyed, Coleson doesn't even mention them. They're two of the best agents and they're no longer in SHIELD not because they can't be trusted but because their actors are too expensive to make them regulars on the show.

    There's just no in story reason for any of these inconsistencies. It's all down to the real world reason of the budget restraints of a TV series. That wouldn't be so bad if this show could just do it's own thing but since they keep trying to shoe horn in a shared universe with much more expensive movies it's limiting what they can do more and more each season.

    On the plus side the end of the last season also feels like a series finally. They could potentially keep going with the cast that's left or find a way to some how bring them back but I think with Coleson's decision to retire they should just let the series go with him. I would be a lot more interested in seeing it continue with a new Director of SHIELD if the last season was so terrible at being in a shared universe with the movies. I'm just not interested in TV shows and movies having a shared universe anymore. They should each be their own things.

    Movies can share a universe with other movies. TV shows can share a universe with other TV shows. But movies and TV shows should not share a universe with each other.

    The only way to really fix this issue is if Disney gives the TV shows an equal budget to the films, that's the only way this shared universe can really work. Unfortunately that's never going to happen because they can't make any money that way. The more realistic option is to just end the series.
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