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    @Slyvester42 Let's do it then! What do you say sensei @musickitten101? :))
    I say..... フレンチ ザ ラマ!!!
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    I have a trip planned to Japan in November 2013. I'll need help practicing... I have very limited knowledge of Japanese..
    Truth resists simplicity.” ― John Green.
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    @ve2dmn - Fear not! From my experiance the people in Japan speak fairy good english and will happily help you out when you need it. This does not mean you should not practice 毎日日本語をべんきょするはいいですよ!but if you are not perfect that you should not fret. Practice directions (in case you get lost Right みぎ Left ひだり Straight, ますぐ etc.)  numbers, your manners (please おねがい・-てください, thank you ありがとう, excuse me すいません Sorry ごめなさい) and your question words (Where? どこ?When?いつ? How much? いくらですか?What?なに?)
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    @ve2dmn I can practice with you if you want. 日本のどこへいくのですか?(where in Japan are you going to?)
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    I'm repeating my trip from 2010 with 7 friends. 3 weeks. it includes:

    (We are skipping Nagasaki this time.)

    I can usually understand the question (or the context of the message), but I cannot create a sentence in my head. I know it's possible to get there, because I am not a native English speaker...
    Truth resists simplicity.” ― John Green.
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    That's cool I went for two months to Saitama-ken and Osaka-ken. I want to go back so much. 日本が大好き!\(^o^)/
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    @slyvester42 Osaka is not a ken. It's Osaka-fu
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    I've been to Hiroshima. I saw the peace monuments.
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    My brother-in-law created a video of our trip:

    6000 pictures in 10min.
    Truth resists simplicity.” ― John Green.
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    @musickitten101 oh okay then I wen to Osaka-fu and Saitama-ken. And I miss 日本 everyday.
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    edited February 2013
    Edit: found the Japanese gathering thread. Should have thought to look for such a thread before I wrote this post. Oh well. :)


    And now I'm questioning everything I remember from Japanese class (it's been a few months), so I'll return to English for now. In April, me and my classmates will leave Sweden to go to Sapporo to study more Japanese. The course will last until the end of June, and after that I'll go south to visit Tokyo/Kyoto/wherever I have time to go. And I was thinking a Nerdfighter gathering, or a casual meetup, would be awesome if it's possible to arrange. I don't know anyone in Japan, and I don't know my way around. A little guidance would be great.

    Feel free to respond to me in Japanese. I'm an okay reader, I just have to force myself to read.
    by Holtza
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    @Holtza Ay, I wish I could, but I don't think I'll be able to.. I applied for a summer program in the US and it's from June to July. Then I'm staying at LA until vidcon ends. If I don't get accepted to the summer program, then sure, I can show you around. 
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    @musickitten101 Okay. I would of course be happy to be shown around, but I hope you get accepted to the summer program nonetheless, and have an awesome time at VidCon! ^_^
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    I've been wondering...are there any native Japanese nerdfighters besides me and @mimi ? I mean, nerdfighters whose racial background is Japanese?
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    Hey guys! I, uh, don't actually speak Japanese, but I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping us translate Crash Course subtitles? We have a lone Japanese volunteer and need at least one more person for a full translator/proofreader team :) ([email protected] if you're interested)
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    はじめまして。マンテバン です。四年で日本語をべんきょうしています。今、ねませんですからこのテレドにかきます。ええと、はい.... どうぞよとしく。
    by fjingpanda
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    よろしくお願いします!このスレッドで日本人もいるし、日本語がわかる人もいるので、日本や日本語についても質問があれば書き込んでください :D
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    melsk125 said:
    よろしくお願いします!このスレッドで日本人もいるし、日本語がわかる人もいるので、日本や日本語についても質問があれば書き込んでください :D

    はいーー 私日本人だよ~
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    初めまして。 アグニェシカと申しますけど、湖ちゃん(みずうちゃん)とよんでください!

    Teaching is was I am. Everything else is what I do. 
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    Hi everyone!

    My friend has a Japanese homework from a university in Thailand. She is required to have conversation in Japanese with at least 4 non-Japanese in the same time through Google Hangout and record the conversation.

    She is still a very beginner (below N4), so the conversation shouldn't be so difficult, even though there will be some fluent Japanese speakers joining the conversation.

    The time of the Hangout will be Sunday 16th 10PM Japanese time (1PM UTC).
    Anyone who wants to join please send tell your e-mail address here, or send me a message in Google Chat. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    I'd be very happy if anyone here would join the conversation.


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    @melsk125 Just sent a message to that email address..
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  • こにちわ
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