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tracyntaylatracyntayla switzerlandPosts: 1
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Hey everyone, my name is Tracy and i am new on this site. basically i am looking for ways to boost my YouTube channel and get as many people to watch my vlogs. I am quiet new on YouTube and have very few people willing to share my videos so hopping to get some exposure here. I am very new at being a Vlogger but hopefully you like the videos enough to subscribe for more and share <3

the link to my latest Vlog uploaded yesterday is here:
My YouTube name is Tracy Kakubo
by tracyntayla


  • BKRsportBKRsport Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 5
    Hey guys! I'm really new to YouTube and just really trying to give it a red hot go! My vlogs aren't general life vlogs but they're actually directly related with sport, attending different matches in different sports and vlogging the experience!

    Would love if you could check me out! Here is my most recent video for you to have a look :)

  • ogoe66ogoe66 San Antonio, TXPosts: 3
    Hey Tracey! I will definitely check out your channel. I also started my YouTube channel and would like some views and feedback.
  • katrhymerkatrhymer Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 23
    Hello everyone! I'm also new to YouTube. I've tried it on and off throughout the years but I finally have some solid ideas. First video is about spreading my message about stopping the stigma surrounding mental illness. Please share and spread the word. Thank you!

    Kat XD
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