The Future of HankGames: Would you Rather...



  • HoltzaHoltza Posts: 15
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    Since you aren't posting a ton of videos, the fact that you're posting different videos doesn't really matter. Even when I'm not in the mood for Hankgames, my subscription box doesn't clog up with a lot of videos I don't want to watch - and there's nothing I want gone.
  • christtichristti Posts: 16
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like the way it is. I watch all the shows except Hank plays Assassins Creed and some of the John ones, but I don't mind skipping some videos on my sub box.
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  • rosiemorosiemo Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I agree that all the games are very different, but that's a positive rather than a negative draw to the channel. It gives the content variety while still being the same type of content as they're all video games. Also, having the different streams means the channel updates with more regularity and there's always something to watch. If there were only assassins creed for example, the channel would be slower and less interesting to me.
  • TunafishTigerTunafishTiger MichiganPosts: 2 ✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I think it should stay the way it is! Why is Hank trying to kick me off his gaming channel? NEXT HE WILL TRY TO KICK ME OFF OF VLOGBROTHERS!
    I'm not sure why this keeps coming up. I mean, it's like pizza but... "Do you want us to put the crust, cheese, and toppings in separate boxes for you?" And I'm like, no! How is that a good idea? This is pizza we're talking about. It doesn't work like that.
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  • MarcumMarcum Indianapolis, INPosts: 3
    edited November 2012
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I think the channel is perfectly fine the way it is, though I would ask that the playlists get updated per upload. I recently watched the full exploits of Swindon Town from beginning to end, but found that for some reason the Swindon playlist on the Hankgames channel only goes to 143.

    I also don't actually see the channel as being a series of different shows; instead, I consider it a menu of similar content under a single, conceptual umbrella. It's Hank, John, and their friends and loved ones all playing various video games. Games by their nature are transitory, so unless the end goal is to make a channel for each and every game that would be played and uploaded, I think it makes little sense to split it all up. If and when the shows being presented stop being about that core concept of "cool people playing video games" and becomes something else, then it would be time to make a split. 
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  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I don't think I've ever seen it is as too cluttered or anything. I mean every show has its own style but they all fall under the let's play category so it makes sense. I mean I don't watch every show but I don't mind if I get the occasional "Assassin's Creed"  in my sub box just as long as I get the Swindon Town or Hanky Potter episodes there too. 
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  • kazoopskazoops Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    The character select graphics at the top of the channel are so cute! They'd be missed if the channel was split up. 
  • syue1984syue1984 Posts: 30
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I find that it is okay the way it is.  I enjoy all the content in Hank Games, so I have no problem with it all being on 1 channel.
  • cheezopathcheezopath Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    I like how it is. That way, if there's ever any reunion fifa (that would be hilarious BTW) it would be hankgames...WITH HANK! Also hank just get a bunch of really tall defenders. Trust me on this one.
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  • speilbildespeilbilde Posts: 28
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like it the way it is. I mostly only watch Swindon Town-videos, but skipping the ones I don't want to watch is very simple. And it's easier to notice if Hank starts playing a game I'm interested in watching this way, since I pick my video game LP-videos after game and not after who plays it. :)
  • CaitrinCaitrin Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    I have a mild preference for different channels for Hank stuff vs. John stuff. I like the Wheezy Waiter model of different channels for different types of content -- it just seems neater to me. I like them both, but Hank's stuff on Hankgames has a very different feel than John's stuff and I'm usually in the mood for one or the other.

    It pained me to vote for the option with the extraneous apostrophe, though.
  • nerdmomma2nerdmomma2 Posts: 2
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    It isn't that difficult to pick which videos you like to watch since there are titles and screen shots. Keep it!
  • aSnowyEveningaSnowyEvening Posts: 226 ✭✭✭
    HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    Michelle_Barrows said:
    I only want Swindon Town to have it's own channel if the channel is called "HankGamesWithoutHank"
    @Michelle_Barrows has summed up my feelings concisely and accurately.

    That said, I wouldn't mind one bit if things stayed the way they are now.
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    The idea of a network style channel where you could find and subscribe to different shows or sub-channels from the one place would be great if YouTube ever introduced it. For now, though, I don't see the need for a change. If John did get a new channel for Swoodilypoopers, wouldn't the videos he's made thus far still be stuck on Hankgames? Sure you could keep the videos all together in a playlist, but I feel like it just adds unnecessary complexity.
    I get what you're saying about having several shows on one channel, and that might be annoying if you were making several completely different videos per day, but that's not the case with Hankgames and I watch all of it anyway.
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I enjoy HankGames the way it is; if I don't feel like watching a series just yet (I know I'll always go back and watch them at some point), then I just skip those videos in my sub box. I guess it's easier for me to do, since I'm not subscribed to that many people.
    That being said, I'd subscribe to any and all HankGames channels you created, so it doesn't make that much difference to me. I think you should consider what is easiest for you guys; is it easier to swap between channels constantly, or to have all these series' in one place? I guess you swap channels enough for other projects that that's not so much a concern for you, I don't know!
    Basically, I'm happy the way things are, but if they changed, I'd still subscribe to all the separate channels :)
    Ugh, first comment ever and I'm already rambling. Start as I mean to go on, eh?

  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    It would like to only stay subscribed to one channel, instead of many. I'm not against change, it just seems unnecessary.

  • LunaGalateaLunaGalatea Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I kind of like the fact that it's all in one spot. It's not like it's wildly different content, it's all gaming stuff and goodness knows we don't want to hurt John's feelings by kicking him out and making him go to his own channel. =)
  • JonComeauJonComeau Posts: 1
    I don't really see an issue with hankgames staying the way it is.

    I personally don't view the different games being played by different people as different shows. I just Find them as different variations of the same video type.

    However, although i see no issue with it, i've always wondered why John never had his own channel for it.

    Either way i think making even more channels with just add more hassle, especially when YouTube's sub boxes still aren't 100% reliable when it comes to showing all new videos.
  • MelDrake96MelDrake96 Posts: 1
    HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    Hank said:
    I think it should stay the way it is! Why is Hank trying to kick me off his gaming channel? NEXT HE WILL TRY TO KICK ME OFF OF VLOGBROTHERS!
    Well that isn't very fair...who the heck is gonna vote to split us up now!
    I think Hank has a point... JOHN! You shouldn't use your brain to influence the other voters! I think that it should be split up. I don't watch many of the Swindontown Swoodilypoopers videos because I really don't like sports. Sorry John!
    I think that you, John, should have your own channel too. I mean, you guys aren't always going to do things together. You guys can't even admit that you love each other unless it is Esther Day! xD

    Anyways, what I am trying to say is... John, be independent. Do something on your own. Make your own channel. I don't believe you even have your own channel...

    Nerdfighter Love Always,
    Mel Drake <3
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I honestly love having HankGames (almost wrote JankGames oops) the way it is. I dont mind picking my way through to see certain videos from it. Its no problem. Plus, probably using one channel for Swoodilypoopers, H&K, and all the other games makes it easier in the long run (although I'm terrible at understanding video uploading). While I did vote for what I did, I still think that Hank should decide whatever he feels is easiest.

    Best wishes! (Wow that sounded really vlogbrothers-y)
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  • vrosario2vrosario2 Posts: 1
    Some other change I haven't suggested
    I would keep everything on HankGames. However, I would suggest that you guys have shows within the channel. I have seen on other channels where they have different "programs" where they allows people to subscribe to their favorite "program" and not to the entire channel. That way they get the new videos of that particular show but not all the videos the creator uploads to their overall channel. In essence, it's a channel within a channel :-).
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  • BinaryDigitBinaryDigit Posts: 17
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like it the way it is!  It's all related to games one way or another, and optional to view each individual video.  :)
  • zentag770zentag770 Posts: 3
    HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    Personally I have always wanted a Johngreengames channel. Why does it get to be named after Hank?
  • HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    I'm not subbed to Hankgames 'cause I only ever watch the Swoodilypoopers and all the others in my sub box would annoy me. I get that you can just skip past them but I would rather everything in my sub box be something I wanted to watch. I think making an extra channel for John doesn't really affect those who watch everything / don't want the change 'cause they can just sub and then it goes in their box just the same. Whereas those who do want the split kind of have to choose between having a bunch of unwanted videos in their boxes, or having to remember to catch up on the ones they do want to watch without subbing. 
  • AaronAaron Dundee, U.K.Posts: 758 ✭✭✭✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I find Geek and Sundry confusing because I don't know what half the shows even are and because they put out so much content the stuff I do watch can get lost amongst everything.

    But HankGames is much simpler to understand, it's "Hank plays this game", "John plays that game" or "Hank and Katherine play the other game". I don't find it confusing or find that it overwhelms my subscriptions feed in the same way.
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  • Sammich117Sammich117 Posts: 302 Admin
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like HankGames the way it is but I am still anti-John-posting-on-HanksChannel
  • undeadgoatundeadgoat Posts: 1
    HankGames gets split into three Channels: 1. HankGames 2. HankAndKatherine 3. SwindonTown
    Hey Hank, if most people are coming to this show from the HankGames channel as it currently exists, then people like me, who have unsubbed because they were watching a third or less of the content, might not find their way to the poll at all. It seems like you had almost already made the decision to split up the content but then you came to this poll where 75% of respondents are completely wrong, because sometimes "democracy" is terrible.
  • PeancatPeancat Posts: 37
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    HankGames is fine the way it is, I've never had a problem with it, and for me, It's easy enough just to ignore the stuff I don't watch, heaven knows I'll watch it eventually anyhow
  • KaessirAddajKaessirAddaj Xalapa, Veracruz, MexicoPosts: 39
    edited November 2012
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I think there's not any really good reason for changing Hank Games, cause the channel isn't called Hank-Plays-Games-And-Doesn't-Wanna-Play-With-Anyone-Else.
    I mean, even themed gaming channels tend to get into playing different games after a while (I watch this guy from Argentina called Malafama play Gears of War 3, and sometimes he plays Minecraft or Fifa 13 or whatever).

    Even if in the end you split it, I think it would be ridiculous to take The Katherine out of HankGames... I mean, she's your wife! It might not feel like "Hank plays Assassins Creed" has the same feeling to you as "Hank and Katherine and Michael and Charlie play New Super Mario Wii", but a) it feels the same to me at least, b) it IS HankGames, which includes many games, and c) IRL, you shouldn't always play alone.

    Consider the NES: in those times of the ancient Nintendo you and John had, it wasn't like "John gets his NES and Hank gets his NES"; not at all, it was about sharing the same NES and enjoying the same games or even different games each. Think of Hank Games as that old NES: you bought it for playing Mario, but John wants to play Blades of Steel, so you think "I don't feel like playing that sports game, but I think I'd like to watch my brother play on my NES".

    In the end, what I'm trying to say is: it might feel like at times your Nintendo is a Poopy Nintendo, and you might even tell people your Nintendo is a Poopy Nintendo, but remember, saying that your brother put poop in your Nintendo, doesn't make it real. So, Hank: we all love you, but don't put Poop in your as of yet Un-Poopy Nintendo.


    EDIT: One last thing,

    Not so long ago, Nerdfighteria was asked about whether John should have his own version of HanksChannel (which to me was aboulutely ridiculous, since there was that SparksFlyUp channel in which John originally put January 2nd 2007), and I believe a lot of people said John should have a JohnsChannel, but in the end, he refused or something, cause he wasn't gonna be uploading as much as Hank and he really just wanted to upload that interview with Rainn Wilson.
    My point is, when you had the chance to give John a channel of his own, it didn't happen, so I see no reason why you would do it now.

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  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    i kind of like the variety that is within one channel.  i don't think it will be fun to separate the things that I AM and probably ALOT MORE NERDFIGHTERS are fans of. 
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