How Do You Share / Promote Your Videos and Channel?

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For those of you who make YouTube videos, I'd be any of you make a deliberate attempt to share and/or promote your videos?  And how do you do it?

I'll start: I actually wrote a page / guide on how to promote your YouTube videos and channel.  If anyone has any good ideas that I haven't tried yet, I'd like to try them, and possibly add them to that page too, if I find them to work well!  Hopefully people will also find some useful ideas on that page!
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  • ARTexplainsARTexplains Iowa, USAPosts: 23
    I've tried many of the things you mention on your page, but the thing I've enjoyed the most so far is networking with other youtube creators. There's something to be said about getting to know people who are in a similar boat as you, and most of the interactions over youtube have been very positive.

    In my experience so far, using sites like reddit can work well to get a high volume of views in a short time (like you mentioned), but these viewers don't seem to hang around or add much to the community of your channel.

    You put it well in your guide when you say: "Find videos that you like and that you find thought-provoking or inspirational, ones that make you feel genuinely inspired to comment, and then add comments that are sincere and meaningful."

    It's that sincere and meaningful vibe that makes relationships between creators so awesome on Youtube, and I have yet to replicate such a thing on another site.

    Has anyone had a great experience with a different site?
  • NackPTNackPT Posts: 41
    I would just come on here and see if anybody is looking for the kind of thing I make. Also, there's plenty of threads on here giving you an opportunity to do so. 
  • JustinPerryJustinPerry Posts: 23
    @NackPt That's what I did, looking to other nerdfighter communities works too, like Google+, or the Reddit, or the Ning
  • NackPTNackPT Posts: 41
    @JustinPerry The Ning is still active?
  • JustinPerryJustinPerry Posts: 23
    @NackPt Yeah, it is, it's slowed down a bit though, there's still traffic 
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    Badly... I'm terrible at sharing my own videos because the only people really on my FaceBook are people I actually know so they're going to watch my videos anyway... or not as some of them don't have limited internet access. I share videos on here some times and pretty much this is the only place outside of YouTube that I've ever posted links to my channel. Well I have posted a few in other places but those were most specific videos not a regular every time I make a video post.

    The main way I've tried to promote my channel is threw collaborations with other YouTubers. I've appeared or been mentioned by a few other YouTubers some way more popular like the FineBrothers... most specifically on MyMusic... but the channels I've actually appeared on not just had a shout out are lesser known YouTubers who are pretty much in the same position I am... although even though we basically started in the same place a lot of them are gaining subscribers and viewers way faster than I am and I can't really figure out why but it's actually caused me to upload way less often than I use to.
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  • ogoe66ogoe66 San Antonio, TXPosts: 3
    If it's possible, @RialVestro I'd like to collaborate. I'm looking for ways to promote my channel. Let me know :smile:
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    ogoe66 said:

    If it's possible, @RialVestro I'd like to collaborate. I'm looking for ways to promote my channel. Let me know :smile:

    The music in your video, did you create all that? I'm not musically talented myself so I've actually been hoping to find someone that can make a theme song for my channel.

    I've been meaning to make a sort of demo reel using some of the best clips from my older videos so that could be the first thing people see when they visit my channel but I haven't gotten around to it. It'd be nice to have a theme song playing in the background so it's not just a bunch of random clips that don't connect in any way. That would be the first thing I'd use it for.

    I don't want to just grab some random song, I really want something that actually advertises my channel.

    Of course I would give you a music credit in the video itself with an annotation link to your channel as well as a second link in the description of the video. This would be included in all future videos where the song is used if you agree to make one for me.

    That being said, did you have any ideas for what you wanted me to do on your channel?
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