Bands you have to listen to

The-Artist-IncognitoThe-Artist-Incognito Hogwarts...always hogwarts Posts: 12
So...any recommendations?
Please provide genre with your response =)
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  • TelMolagMoraTelMolagMora Alliance, OhioPosts: 516 ✭✭
    Like anything? Alright. Try listening to my favorite artist, Marilyn Manson. They're an alternative metal band with certain tinges of industrial to some of their music. If you can listen to whole album Mechanical Animals, it's also favorite and a very interesting work of music & lyricism.
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  • MellyVKMellyVK Chepstow, WalesPosts: 25
    Personal recommendations at the moment, I am a huge fan of The Neighbourhood annnnnd alt-J depending on the mood!
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