My Chemical Romance?

foreverellaforeverella New England, USAPosts: 24
So I recently discovered My Chemical Romance and I really like their music. Are there any other nerdfighters who like this kind of music? This thread is basically for anything mcr related. Favorite music by them, suggestions for other bands, even thoughts about Gerard's new music.
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  • sinisterreveriessinisterreveries Posts: 7
    HI YES. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is my favorite album! They're really great but then they disbanded 2 years ago.
  • mimilynnmimilynn Posts: 8
    When I was younger I loved their music. Black Parade was the last album I listened to and of course the above <3
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  • Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of Peace Jefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
    I love MCR, they are a band that my sister listened to when I was a lot younger like less than 10. The song that I remember her playing a lot was Teenagers, and I hear that song and it takes me back and makes me remember how simple life used to be for me, and like how complicated it is now. Like as a young kid I suffered from severe depression and anxiety and how bad it was for me was really bad and rare for people that young. Songs like teenagers take me back to that time, and that is probably why I love MCR, that and they made some awesometastic songs that I love.
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  • The-Artist-IncognitoThe-Artist-Incognito Hogwarts...always hogwarts Posts: 12
    Yes! I love MCR ^.^ Though the lyrics may be depressing at times, they are a wonderful band. My favorite song by them would probably be The Light Behind Your Eyes.
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  • beepbop1011beepbop1011 International Space StationPosts: 645 ✭✭✭
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    I kind of hate emo. You can listen to bands with similar music but better and more original lyrics such as Smashing Pumpkins (listen to their album Siamese Dream) and Weezer.
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