National Penny Petition Idea

I know that John has long hated pennys and I happen to agree for many reasons. Today the idea dawned on me to have nerdfighteria start a petition to have the penny stop being made. Now, I'm not very familiar with U.S. petition laws but I recall a couple of years ago the internet started a petition to have the U.S. build a dealth star and it got so many signatures the White House actually commented on it, so maybe even if a petition is non-binding it might get enough attention to start a discussion. Also, I thought this could be a great way to spread a message that people can actually have an impact on the political system and really can make a change in the world, even if that change is just stopping penny production or at the bare minimum get people talking about it. Anyways, I thought I leave this here and see what you guys think of it. I think it'd be a good way to show people and youth in particular that we really can change our world and also maybe make John a little happier along the way.


  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    There was a bill put forth in Congress to get rid of the penny. I think it died in committee.
    Obama himself has also commented on getting rid of the penny and why it hasn't happened yet.
  • Geoff_SmithGeoff_Smith Posts: 2
    Yes, but bills die all the time. I think a petition from the people could possibly be a enough of a nudge to at least get the ball rolling. Thank you for the reply!!
  • TheGreatBloopTheGreatBloop Posts: 2
    Yes, I agree the penny has out grown their use. But time would pass and they will probably become valuable possessions.
  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    Being old doesn't make something valuable. You also have to have very few of them existing and be in good condition. That's not possible with most pennies.
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