VidCon 2016 Room Sharing

DaughterNatureDaughterNature ChicagoPosts: 6
I'm super excited to be going to VidCon 2016 as a new Creator, but I don't think anybody I know will be going. I'd really love to share a hotel room with someone to cut costs and not be quite so awkwardly alone. Any takers?

I'm a mid-20s woman who's neat, quiet, and communicative about roommate-shared-space-things.


  • rosiedebrosiedeb Posts: 1
    Hey, I'm also looking into going to VidCon and it would be awesome to cut hotel costs. The one I looked at - even with the vidcon discount - would be just over $800 for the whole time, but split among four people it wouldn't be so bad. 

    I'm not 100% confirmed for going, but I should know pretty soon. Anyways, I'm an early 20's woman. Super easy to get along with. Good at giving space (and like to have space), but also love hanging out with people. (in other words, flexible). 
  • I'm going on the Community track but I'd be more than willing to split a room! I definitely need to save on a hotel if I can!
    I'm an early 20s woman looking to make some friends at VidCon. I'm pretty introverted but fun once I get to know you some.
  • rgiffinrgiffin Posts: 3
    Hi there! Do you already have a reservation in a very close by hotel? My daughter is looking for a roomie, because we found out our son is graduating the same week, so I cannot go with her. She is going solo now, and could not afford to go without a roomie. She is a 19 year old Canadian, very friendly.
  • DaughterNatureDaughterNature ChicagoPosts: 6
    Hey all! I got a hotel room - it was $772, which means split between 2 of us it would be $386/per. If 2 of you want to split with me, it would be $264/per, and if all 3 of you split with me it would be $203/per. I'm in the Anabella (which looks like it's within walking distance of the convention center) for 4 nights (the 22nd through the 25th). Let me know!
  • rgiffinrgiffin Posts: 3
    That sounds interesting. We are interested! Can we communicate privately and exchange more information?
  • DaughterNatureDaughterNature ChicagoPosts: 6
    Indeed. For anyone interested, my personal email is [email protected]

  • rgiffinrgiffin Posts: 3
    My daughter is [email protected]
  • sweetly_cynicalsweetly_cynical San Jose, CAPosts: 3
    I was just wondering if there was any room left or if anyone else was looking to share with someone?

    I'm 27, female and I'm looking at a room from the 22nd-25th, maybe to the 26th.

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