Moving to England, looking for nerdfighters but groups are closed

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I am moving to England today and I created a Facebook account just for the purpose of keeping in touch with my friends and make new ones in an easier way in England.
Once the account created, I immediately went to look for the London group (the nearest from where I'll be) and seeing as it is a closed group, clicked on the "apply" button.

That was yesterday evening and now I'm starting to wonder if closed groups accept only on invitations or if I might have appeared like a decepticon with my private profile and 10 friends. So I'm asking you guys.

I totally understand these can take time. I just want to know if I should wait or find a nerdfighter on the streets and beg them to invite me to their group to make friends and bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles.
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    I'm a Nerdfighter who comes to London few times a year to be with my boyfriend, and I've also found that the lack of people I know there is terrible. So, I've discovered this amazing meetup group for nerds (this is not Nerdfighter group but everybody is so nice). It's called London on Board and you meetup to play boardgames for free almost any day of the week, people bring their own games and meetup at the pub, you buy a drink if you can afford it but that's it. But you need to RSVP few days before the event, usually. If you're not into board games, perhaps it's not for you, but maybe you should give it a go. I've met a few very nice people there.
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  • As a fellow London nerd I'd also like to know the answer ^.^ Also, I've never met nerdfighters irl, are a lot of them teenagers or will I be out of place if I go to a meetup?
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    Hi I visit my family all the time in London and I have only really interacted with a nerdfighter through a note in a second hand paper towns book. Maybe try and start your own group because I was also in the same situation as you but was too shy to properly interact and I think that there are many London nerdfighters like myself. 

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