What age did you read your first John green book and what was it?



  • I was twelve when I read The Fault in Our Stars for the first time
  • I was 12 and it was paper towns
  • The-Artist-IncognitoThe-Artist-Incognito Hogwarts...always hogwarts Posts: 12
    I read The Fault in Our Stars when I was 13 - our literature and writing teacher made us read it in class. Since then, I have read all of his books (besides let it snow → I'll get to it, don't you worry)
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  • anyaspaizanyaspaiz FloridaPosts: 38
    I was 10. My friend (who is also a Nerdfighter) kept urging me to read TFiOS until I finally picked it up and never put it down. Since then I've read them all (my favorite is An Abundance of Katherins).

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  • NerualSaysHiNerualSaysHi Posts: 1
    I was about 11 when I read the Fault in Our Stars
  • thetrollthetroll Posts: 4
    I was 10 and it was The Fault in Our Stars.
  • anxiously_awareanxiously_aware Depends on the hourPosts: 131 ✭✭
    I was seventeen when I read Looking for Alaska. I haven't read any of his other books, but I plan on getting around to it, after I finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and a couple other books.
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  • jeasalynjeasalyn PhilippinesPosts: 1
    TFIOS. I was 17.
  • fingerscrossedfingerscrossed MainePosts: 164 ✭✭
    I was 14, I believe, and it was Paper Towns, shortly followed by Looking For Alaska
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  • zscubazscuba Posts: 2
    I read The Fault in Our Stars when I was 12.
  • I was 14 and I read Looking for Alaska
  • centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
    TFIOS, and I was....28?
  • NeiroAtOpelCcNeiroAtOpelCc Denmark (Als)Posts: 5,783 ✭✭✭
    Books aren't just for teens :)
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  • MyNameIsEricMyNameIsEric Posts: 20
    I think that I was 14 or 15 when I read my very first John Green book. I think it was Will Grayson, will grayson but it might have been Looking for Alaska. Any how I read those two books, Paper Towns and Let it Snow all in a few days. To this day I still have not bought or read The fault in Our Stars. But right now I am half way through an Abundance of Katherines and I plan on finishing it this weekend.
  • I was 17 and I read looking for Alaska. It was the first time I actually enjoyed reading, I finished it in one day while still going to work and school
  • The Fault in Our Stars, at 16. I recommend not reading it while going through major relationship-related upheaval (My boyfriend at the time was ill). There was messy crying. A lot of messy crying.
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  • I was 14 when I read looking for Alaska. I obviously had to read them all in order and then when I pre-ordered TFiOS I was way too excited!
  • PrincessBPrincessB Posts: 12
    The first time I read one of John's books was 2013 ( I was 22) & it was TFIOS!
  • The first book from john, I read was TFiOS. I was 13 or 14. In a year I read all the other ones.
  • thomasisoffthewallthomasisoffthewall Posts: 1
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    TFIOS. I think that was the first time I read a book during 2 days. I was only 15 and I stopped beign a virgin of John's books, the way he wrapped me with that story was like drinking hot chocolate in a stormy day while watching the window and listening to a piano cover of a trending song. :D
  • NeiroAtOpelCcNeiroAtOpelCc Denmark (Als)Posts: 5,783 ✭✭✭
    Staring at the autumn rain, from the safety of your livingroom, with a nice cup of hot chokolade is such a lovely feeling.
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  • gnaistgnaist Stanford, CA, USAPosts: 4,898 Admin
    I was 30. I got the box set at the end of 2012 and read John's books in publication order, so I read Looking for Alaska first. I read all of his books in 2013. It was the beginning of reading for leisure for me, and it was all thanks to Our Pants and the friends I made here as motivation. Now I love reading, and I just wish I had more time for it.
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  • TheWeepingDalekTheWeepingDalek TexasPosts: 15
    30, and it was An Abundance of Katherines (followed immediately after by Looking For Alaska). In my defense, I'm fairly new to Nerdfighteria, and I picked up those two books the other night and then stayed up until 6 a.m. reading both of them. Now I just need to get the rest of his books.
  • rosabeanrosabean New ZealandPosts: 2
    I was 14 and it was TFiOS but I've since read all of his books
  • mysticnerdfightermysticnerdfighter PennsylvaniaPosts: 20
    I'm an old fogy in this aspect. I was 38. There was a free book bin in my therapist's office with a copy of The Fault In Our Stars and I was like, "I always wanted to read this." And then I read Paper Towns which was around the time I was getting treatments for severe anemia in December.

    I feel so old now.
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  • NeiroAtOpelCcNeiroAtOpelCc Denmark (Als)Posts: 5,783 ✭✭✭
    No need to feel old. You're not nearly the oldest around.
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  • AnweshAnwesh Posts: 1
    15 and I read his book this year...both looking for Alaska and tfios.
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  • TFiOS. I think I was 11?
  • NeiroAtOpelCcNeiroAtOpelCc Denmark (Als)Posts: 5,783 ✭✭✭
    Did you understand it at that age?
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  • beepbop1011beepbop1011 International Space StationPosts: 645 ✭✭✭

    Did you understand it at that age?

    I was 13, and I'm pretty sure I didn't understand anything besides the main part about how
    A girl with cancer and a boy who had cancer go to Amsterdam and meet a writer they like. The boy gets cancer again and it's all very sad.

    I wasn't able to comprehend any of the themes or the message until two years later when we did the book in school.
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