The Merc with a Mouth

thetimeladythetimelady Posts: 10
Deadpool lovers, please congregate.
There is not enough love for this awesome character out there. I've only met a few other people who have read any of his comics, and none of them have been nerdfighters. Am I just hanging around the wrong circle of geekscrappers? (Not that there is a wrong circle! All of everyone here is made of awesome.)
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  • random_fanrandom_fan Posts: 173
    Deadpool is my favourite comic book character, I have almost all of Daniel Way's run on the character and I love it, I know some people have problems with it but I don't really. I'm looking forward to January when I get to go to the comic store and pick up the rest of Way's run and also the new stuff with Deadpool fighting zombified former US presidents, which is such a Deadpool plot I'm amazed it hasn't been done already.
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    Deadpool is awesome.
  • I was originally turned off of Deadpool through X-Men Origins, but after watching some stuff of youtube around him he seems really awesome! Why did they, well ruin seems a harsh word o to be safe I'm going to go with damage even though everything in me is screaming ruin, his character like that?

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  • thetimeladythetimelady Posts: 10
    @PsychoBabble192 Honestly, nobody even knows why they decided to completely ruin him. I think the main reason they had in him in film in the first place was because they were eventually going to make some sort of Deadpool origins movie (Which, hopefully, won't happen. They would probably make him even worse). They also wanted the connection between him and Wolverine, because they did go through the same experiment.
    I'm just really glad that hardly anybody even realized that he was supposed to be Deadpool.
    oh right. the poison. the poison for kuzco. the poison chosen especially to kill kuzco. 
    kuzco’s poison.
  • I've only read a few issues here and there, but have enjoyed every bit. The MarvelNOW initiative made reading it really easy with #1, and I've been enjoying that more than I anticipated!
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  • random_fanrandom_fan Posts: 173
    @thetimelady The Deadpool movie's script got leaked a while ago, it was awesome and the fact it won't see the light of day is really sad.
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  • prydecommakittyprydecommakitty Posts: 150 ✭✭
    I used to have a Deadpool pin on my bag that I got at a convention, but it fell off a while ago. I'm pretty bummed about it, it was actually cut out from a comic and because he was in profile against an orange background, it looked like the cover of the Bowie album Low. #uselessfactswithkitty
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    Well, given my profile pic...

    And the Deadpool movie is TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!

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  • AdhamAdham Posts: 10
    if they ever made a Deadpool movie, i want to be about Deadpool: The Gauntlet. any movie that have Thunderbolts, Blade, Deadpool, and a monster war in it, deserves my money. but maybe they'll ruin it and focus on the romance and won't risk too much money on it. that would suck 
  • ChickenyChickeny fl, us, earth, milky wayPosts: 1
    so anyone excited for the movie next year?
    i'm, well, i'm trying to be cautiously optimistic but i can't help myself from getting excited. (please don't burn me, fox. please.)
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  • RialVestroRialVestro Posts: 6,393 ✭✭✭
    To be perfectly honest my first introduction to the character was X-Men Origins Wolverine. I knew nothing about him going into that movie and could not understand why everyone hated him so much.

    Later I actually found out threw ItsSomeRandomGuy's YouTube channel what the character was suppose to be like. After that I started seeing him in a couple animated movies and played the Deadpool video game... THREE TIMES! I really like that game. Of course by this point I hadn't seen that movie in a few YEARS.

    Recently with the announcement that they were finally going to make more accurate live action Deadpool movie I rewatched X-Men Origins Wolverine. Ryan Renolds was actually a really good Wade Wilson. It's only when he actually became Deadpool that they really screwed him up.

    If it were any other character I'd like to just pretend that movie doesn't exist. However given Deadpool's ability to break the 4th Wall I'm really hoping they include a scene that takes place during the reveal of the X-Men Origins Wolverine Deadpool where the more comic accurate Deadpool just stops the movie, kicks his ass and takes his place officially changing the ending of that movie without totally ignoring it's existence.
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