You're a squid now

xXBibbledyJelloXxxXBibbledyJelloXx OhioPosts: 8
Have any of you been loving Splatoon like I have? If you own a Wii U and don't have it yet, check it out. It is 100% certified awesomeness. It might not be as MLG as Halo or as gritty as Call of Duty, but it's colorful, J-Pop shooting and I am addicted.


  • LeumasLeumas Posts: 8
    I've been playing splatoon almost daily since I got it. I was on a school trip in New York when it came out so I couldn't get it right away, but when I got home I walked about a mile to target to buy Splatoon.
  • LeumasLeumas Posts: 8
    BTW nice falcon buldge 
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