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With the game now in Generation 6 that means we can now technically have full teams of just Starter Pok'emon... except with the introduction of Mega Evolutions the Starters are no longer equal.

I'm not going to be talking about special Starters like Ash's Pikachu or Gary's Eevee. Just the main three starters for each generation.

Now lets assume here for a minute that you have a full team of Grass Starters.

Venusaur: One of the first Pok'emon to get a Mega evolution.

Meganium: No Mega evolution... which would be funny if it did considering it already has Mega in it's name.

Sceptile: Originally didn't have a Mega but was introduced with OR and OS.

Torterra: No mega evolution

Serperior: No mega

Chesnaught: No mega

A full team of Fire Type Starters...

Charizard: Not one but TWO Mega evolutions to choose from. You'd have to trade between X and Y to get both Mega evolution stones but it is possible to change between them as needed.

Typhlosion: No mega

Blaziken: The only gen 3 starter to get a mega in X and Y. You need OR or OS to get the other two.

Infernape: No mega

Emboar: No mega

Delphox: No mega

And now the Water starters...

Blastoise: One of the first to get a Mega.

Feraligatr: No mega

Swampert: Only in OR/OS.

Empoleon: No Mega

Samurott: No Mega

Greninja: No Mega

Now Grass and Water are pretty much even. At least in terms of the over all team. They have the same number of Pok'emon who can Mega Evolve and the same number of Mega Evolutions possible.

Fire on the other hand has this unfair advantage from day one to now. It's a little more evened out now with the addition of the other two Gen 3 Starters which couldn't Mega evolve before but you still have two options for Charizard. He's one of only two Pok'emon (3 if you count the Male and Female versions of a Pok'emon from the same evolutionary line.) who can do that.

The three starters have up till now always been pretty much equals. They all had three stages of evolution and no matter which one you choose your rival is always going to take the one you're weak to. So the only real deciding factors in choosing your starters was personal preference. For me, back when I use to play this game, I always had a personal preference for the water types being that I'm a Pisces. Though I've always liked Charizards design as well, it always bothered me that he wasn't a Dragon type... though now with Mega Charizard X he is. I've never been a big fan of the Grass types... except in Gen 5 which I never actually played but Serperior actually has the best design there in my opinion. The only time I would ever actually pick grass over the other two.

Anyway, with the Mega Evolutions it's no longer even. Of course you're going to want to pick the Fire Type team because they're the strongest. Again not as much now but you still got two options with Charizard where you only have one choice with the other two. If you've always wanted him to be Dragon type like me you can go Mega X. Except if you have a type match up Dragon is weak to then you can go Mega Y.

And why would you ever even use the Starters who can't Mega Evolve? I mean you can choose not to Mega Evolve any of them just to keep things even but then what are you going to do when you have to fight a Mega Evolution. Or someone with a whole Team of Mega Evolutions? Your Starter team is going to die.
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    I think every Starter needs to have three Mega Evolutions. Why three? Because X, Y, Z. I don't know when it's going to happen but most likely eventually they're going to release a Pok'emon Z with Zygrade on it's cover.

    Grass Starters

    Venusaur: The current evolution I think would be renamed Mega Venusaur X.

    Mega Venusaur Y Would become a Grass/Bug type. This is based on the idea that there is a giant Flower on it's back which could be used to attract Beedrills to aid him battle. The design would be largely unchanged except for the Beedrill flying around his Flower but if Mega Kangangaskahn can get away with it, why not Venusaur. He'd gain the biggest boosts to his attack, special attack, and speed.

    I'm going to warn you now that my idea for all the Mega Z evolutions will change their primary typing which will allow for more diverse teams despite all the Starters sharing the same type group originally. That being said Mega Venusaur Z would be a Poison/Bug type. In this form the Flower on his back would become detached from the body. Venusaur would instead sit inside of the flower. The spots on his body would become stripes and he'd grow a stinger making him some what resemble a bee himself. This would also give him a boost in attack and special attack while also making him harder to hit.

    Meganium: Mega Meganium X would would become a Grass/Ground Type. The antenna on it's head would have flowers on the ends as if they were blossoming flowers. They'd be smaller versions of the one around it's neck. As well as a color change of it's body from green to brown. It would get the highest boosts to Defense and Special Defense.

    Mega Meganium Y like Venusaur would become a Grass/Bug type. The antenna do kind of resemble the antenna of insects. In this form it would loose it's legs resembling a worm or a flower stem given the flower around it's neck which would now be at the top of the neck instead of the bottom. This form would actually lose some speed but gain boosts everywhere else.

    Mega Meganuim Z would become a Ground/Bug type. Again resembling a worm but this time loosing the flower and becoming brown in color. Again loosing speed but gaining the highest boosts in Defense and Special Defense. Not really sure how this would work but it should also be able to learn Dig.

    Sceptile: His existing Mega Evolution would be Mega Sceptile X

    Mega Sceptile Y would become a Grass/Fighting type. His tail would be held as a weapon as well as giving him a more humanoid appearance with longer legs and more muscular arms. Of course being a Fighting type he's going to get the highest boosts to attack and Special attack as well as some minor boosts to Defense and speed.

    Mega Sceptile Z would become a Dragon/Fighting type. As he looses his grass type he would also loose his plant-like features. He would however wield a sword and shield that look like they put together from the remains of his plant parts.

    Torterra: Mega Torterra X would change to a Grass/Fairy type. The idea for this is that the plants on his back would now be based on the Mythological Tree of Life. The tree would be much larger and glowing with several glowing orbs constantly falling from it. With the growth of the tree weighing him down his speed would drop. He'd gain the highest boosts to Defense and Special defense.

    Mega Torterra Y would keep the same typing. Visually he would now have four different echo systems on his back with each one representing a different season. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall/Autumn. Like X he would get a drop in speed. However his highest boosts would be in Attack and Special Attack.

    Mega Torterra Z would be a Ground/Fairy type. This form would give him a more humanoid appearance based on Atlas holding the Earth on his back. As such the shell would now resemble an entire planet while he would now stand up right and use his arms to keep the world balanced on his back. This time he would loose attack and defense but gain special attack, special defense, and speed.

    Serperior: Mega Serperior X would be a Grass/Dark type. Based on the story of the serpent from Adam and Eve. The green would be a much darker shade while the white face become a blood red and the golden decorations become black. He would also gain blood red horns and would be hanging from the branch of an apple tree like the demon he's based on. He'd gain a boost to all stats.

    Mega Serperior Y would be a Grass type. Visually he'd be showing his fangs ready to attack. He'd also gain decorations of a Cobra and rattle snake. The idea being he's trying to scare you into thinking it's poisonous when really it's just a harmless garden snake. Though it's fangs can still hurt. He'd get the highest boosts in attack and special defense.

    Mega Serperior Z would be a pure Dark type. This would sort of look like a combination of the other two. Except no tree or devil horns from the X version and no cobra or rattle snake decorations from the Y version. Special Attack and speed would get the highest boosts.

    Chesnaught: Mega Chesnaught X would become a Grass/Dark Type. The number of spikes on his body would double, become longer, and thinner. His coloring would also darken, the white becomes black and everything else just turns a darker shade of green. His attack and special defense would get the highest boosts.

    Mega Chesnaught Y would keep the same typing. The white parts of his body would turn green, the stuff around his face and chest would resemble leaves. So he have a beard and chest hair made of leaves. One of his spikes would appear to have broken off. This will give him an axe weapon which looks like a small tree trunk with his broken spike tied to one end. Highest boosts in attack and special attack. Small loss in special defense.

    Mega Chesnaught Z would be a Fighting/Dark type. All his green coloring would change to black. He would resemble a medieval black knight as his armor changes to a more humanoid shape. Also gaining a sword and shield. He'd gain the highest boosts in attack, defense, and special defense.
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    Fire Starters

    Charizard: I don't have explain X and Y because they already exist so I'll just skip to Mega Charizard Z, the Dragon/Flying type. He would keep his primary red coloring but his secondary color would change similar to X. He'd also grow the shoulder spikes similar to X. As a flying type his wings would change similar to Y. Being that he is no longer a Fire Type the flame on it's tail which is present threw out all it's other evolutions would not be present here. He would get boosts in all stats.

    Typhlosion: Mega X would be Fire/Dark. Making his entire body black and completely engulfed in flames. Highest boosts in attack and Special Defense.

    Mega Y would be Fire/Steel. In this form he would resemble a living furnace which if you can't tell by my avatar I really like the idea of a living furnace. He would still look like Typhlosion just a mechanized version of him with fire escaping threw every gap in his armor. Highest boosts would be to defense and special defense.

    Mega Z would be a Dark/Steel type. Again retaining the same basic shape of Typhlosion's body however this time the armor would appear dark and empty inside. Also no more flames. Highest boosts to Special Attack and Defense.

    Blaziken: His existing Mega would be the X form. The white stuff around his head and chest even forms an X, that's convenient..

    Mega Y would be Fire/Flying. Being that he is a bird he would loose his arms in favor of growing working wings. His legs would also become much smaller as he doesn't need to use them as much. Basically his arms which resemble talons would become his legs. The white stuff around his head and chest would also change shape to resemble a Y. Being that he loses his fighting type he would lose some attack power but gain in every other category.

    Mega Z would be Fighting/Flying. In this form he doesn't have to sacrifice existing limbs for his wings as they appear on his back instead of replacing his arms. He does however loose his flames. The white stuff around his head and chest would resemble a Z. Being that he loses his Fire type he would lose some special attack but gain in every other category.

    Infernape: Mega X would change to a pure Fire type. He would loose his tail and have proportions much more like a gorilla. He would loose some speed but gain in every other category.

    Mega Y would keep the same typing. Rather than getting larger he would actually get smaller. The idea behind his stats would be to hit faster rather than harder while also making him more difficult to hit.

    Mega Z would be a pure Fighting type. In this form he would loose his flames looking more like a normal monkey who happens to be wearing armor. He'd gain more attack and defense but lose specials.

    Emboar: Mega X would keep his typing. The design would actually trim him down into a more fit looking fighter with defined muscle tone. He'd gain the highest boost in speed.

    Mega Y would be Fire/Ground. This would give him longer tusks and put him back down on all four legs. He'd also be covered in mud spots and the golden decorations would look worn and rusted. He'd loose attack and special attack but gain defense and special defense.

    Mega Z would be a Fighting/Ground type. In this form he looses his flames. He would also look more like a sumo wrestler if they wrestled around in a mud pit. Which he kind of already looks like one anyway but now he'd have the giant diaper and be even fatter than he was before. He'd lose speed but gain everything else.

    Delphox: Mega X would be Fire/Dark. People say it looks like a witch, I don't see it but lets actually make it wear a pointy hat and a black dress. That'll really make it stand out. Would gain the highest boost to special attack and special defense.

    Mega Y would keep the same typing. Again lets really play up this witch idea and put her on a flying broom. She uses telekinesis to make the broom levitate. Just as my excuse to explain why it's Psychic and not Flying. She would no longer have her wand but bristles of the broom would be on fire much like the end of her wand. The yellow and white parts of her body would also change to a green color. She would loose some special attack and special defense, gain in everything else with the largest gain being her speed.

    Mega Z would be Psychic/Dark. She would loose the flames, wear the witch costume, riding the broom and any part of her not covered by the costume would be green. Would still look like a fox but now a green fox in a witch costume riding a broom stick. Would gain in every category.

    Also if you notice this set up gives a little more variety to the Fire types because three Fire/Fighting types in a row Really they couldn't think of any other type combinations?
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    Water starters

    Blastoise: Mega X would be a Water/Steel type. Really I don't know why they didn't add the steel type to him back in Gen 2 when it was first introduced. He has giant METAL cannons coming out of his shell. How can he not be a Steel type? Anyway... This form would give him the same two cannons over his shoulders from his normal form as well as the added cannons on his arms. As well as making the shell itself look metal. He would gain the most in defense and special attack.

    Mega Y would be his existing Mega evolution.

    Mega Z would be a pure Steel Type. He would look like a robotic version of the normal Blastoise. Greatest boost in attack and defense. Probably lose some speed.

    Feraligatr: Mega X would be Water/Dark. The blue would change to a dark sea green color and everything else would turn black. The spines on his back would actually continue all the way down to his tail. And the snot would be much longer and thinner. Boosts to all categories.

    Mega Y would be Water/Ice. Rather than changing to darker colors he'd changer to cooler colors. The blue becomes purple. The sort of yellowish color becomes white. This would also put him down on all fours more like a normal alligator and give him two more rows of spikes on each side of the existing ones resembling icicles. Highest boosts to Special Attack and Special Defense.

    Mega Z would be Ice/Dark. He would be on on fours, have three rows of spikes going all the way across his body from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Getting smaller towards the tail. As well as the longer thinner snot. He would change to darker shades of his normal colors rather than changing them completely and be covered in frost. Highest boost to attack and special defense.

    Swampert: Mega X would be the existing Mega evolution.

    Mega Y would change to a Water/Ghost type. He would loose his back legs and have a longer tail. His hands would also appear detached from the main body similar to Haunter. He would gain the highest in Defense and Special Defense.

    Mega Z would be a Ground/Ghost type. As he looses his water type his blue would change to a dark brown. He would appear to be partially inside the ground though because of his Ghost typing he never seems to disturb the ground as he moves threw it. He would get boosts in all categories.

    Empoleon: Mega X would keep the same typing. He would change to a more humanoid form with longer legs and actual arms. The flippers/wings would still be there but hanging off his back like a cape. The Trident shape on his face would be gone and instead he would actually be holding a trident. Highest boosts in attack and defense.

    Mega Y would be a Water/Ice type because he's a penguin, they live in the cold how can he not be Ice already? The way the normal one is designed kind of looks more like a maid's outfit than a tuxedo so I'd fix that with this mega evolution. Also make the Trident thing look more like a crown on top of his head than like he was hit in the face with a trident. Highest boosts in special attack and special defense.

    Mega Z would be Steel/Ice. The normal one doesn't really look anything like a steel type to me so I'd boost the amount of metal decorations on this guy. The blue part going down the middle of his body would actually match the color of the trident so they look like one piece. He'd also get silver added around the edges of his flipers/wings so they look like blades. The white part of the tux/maid outfit would also be turned silver so it looks like an armored plate on his chest. Boosts in all categories.

    Samurott: Mega X would be Water/Fighting. Given the way his middle evolution was designed I'm surprised this didn't get a fighting type. This Mega evolution would be able to stand up right again and hold the horn as a sword. Boosts to Attack and Special attack.

    Mega Y would be Water/Steel. The shells around it's body would actually be made of metal in this form and the horn can act as a drill. Boosts to Attack and Defense. Some speed is lost.

    Mega Z would be Fighting/Steel. In this form again would be able to stand up holding the horn as a sword. The shells would be replaced by armor as they no longer even resemble sea shells. Speed is lost but everything else gets a boost.

    Greninja: Mega X would be Water/Fighting... again how can they design him as a ninja and not make him fighting type. This would remove the one thing I hate about his design... why the heck is his tongue wrapped around his neck? It would also give him a ninja blade to use in battle. Attack and Defense would be boosted the most.

    Mega Y would keep his typing. Though he doesn't look much like a dark type or a ninja with those bright colors so that would be fixed. Making him an all black except for the eyes which would be a vibrant ocean blue standing out among all the black. Special Defense and speed would be boosted the most.

    Mega Z would be a Dark/Fighting type. Like the other two this would give him a more ninja like feel. More black, more ninja weapons, and less tongue. Boosts in every category.
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