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Are there any LARPers on here? If so, what system do you play? How long? Or are you just interested? Basically figured we should have a thread for any LARPers out there.

For those who don't know Live Action Role Playing is a type of game where one takes the persona of their characters and with their party acts out encounters. There are many different game variants with different settings but for simplicity sake I would describe it as... say... DnD meets improve theater.

Me, I have been LARPing for about 4 years. I play in a homebrew low-hit* boffer* LARP with a medieval fantasy setting called Emerald Empire.

*low-hit. Players take less hits before dying, marked by either a low hp, armor, etc.
*boffer. A fake weapon made out of foam, pvc (or bambo, etc), and duct tape. Boffer larps tend to have combat based on weather you actually can hit the enemy, instead of using stats to determine outcomes.
... said Cthulhu to the human race.


  • RhidianRhidian Nottingham, EnglandPosts: 7
    Hi there.

    I'm a LARPer and have been for a little over a decade. I've played in and reffed for several different systems and I'm actually getting readdy to open up a shop that stocks LARP kit in Nottingham.

    Just as a side note this is my first post so, KiHarder, thank you for giving me something to talk about :)
  • MindInTheStarsMindInTheStars EnglandPosts: 6
    Hello! I'm only a first year LARPer, but I'm in two systems! PD Empire and Fools and Heroes :) The latter I go to monthly and is a combat heavy system, and the former I only go to twice a year max and is a lot more social based.
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