ENCon - A European Nerdfighter Convention

ArneArne Posts: 1
The Dutch & Belgian Nerdfighter community invites you to ENCon, the very first European Nerdfighter Convention on 3 & 4 July 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. If you want to meet nerdfighters from other communities and be unironically enthusiastic about things together, then this is your con. But we need your help to make this happen.

We've just launched our Indiegogo and hope that some of you might be intrigued. For more information, you can follow any of the links below our poster.



  • Adin63Adin63 Posts: 1
    edited June 2015
    Thank you so much for sharing the links for the information of the event buddy. I would love to be there but this month, I am too busy with planning for an event.
    by Adin63
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