The Swoodilypoopers are still at the top of Our Pants

trueberrypietrueberrypie Earth,This Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Known/Visible UniversePosts: 11
Is there a reason why the Swoodilypoopers are still at the top of Our Pants page despite the fact that John now plays as the Wimbleton WImbly Womblys? And when I clicked it I was sent to a non existent page. 

I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention. Thanks!


  • gnaistgnaist Stanford, CA, USAPosts: 4,892 Admin
    Thanks! I'll tag @KasperIsager, our resident vanillaforums expert/hero, so he can look into this. :)
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  • KasperIsagerKasperIsager CopenhagenPosts: 122 Admin
    The links in the header were a liiiittle out of date to say the least! I've copy/pasta'ed the most recent links from the website to the Vanilla theme.
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