Possible NFL RPG?

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A friend of mine and I wanted to start a fantasy football league, but on a whole new level, with 32 general managers for all NFL teams, simulated seasons (probably using some version of Madden), drafts of new players, retiring players, injuries, and so on, almost like a football RPG. 
First problem - coordinating 32 people's activities in the most autonomous way possible. 
Second problem - having someone start with a terrible team and be okay with it. (randomly assigned teams?)
Third problem - simulating games with the option for GMs to watch them. 
So, lots of problems, but that's why I'm here! Help is needed. 


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    I know this post is basically dead seeing as nobody has posted in 5 months, but I'd like to get in on this and help if I can. A friend of mine and I have been doing a slightly similar thing with the NCAA Football franchise for a few years where we pick terrible teams, start as the head coach, simulate (not play) all of our games, and just make coaching decisions such as recruiting and game plan. It doesn't work super well all the time because there's a lot more then 32 teams in the NCAA and it's hard to not be in more control of your team but with some tweaking I think that a system like that could work for Madden.
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