Where are all the other people?

I know it's not really a discussion, but am I the only Nerfighter in this region?! C'mon, it's a big region! I'm from South Africa btw, and this is sad...


  • I too am I South African Nerdfighter :) I live in the snor city itself, Pretoria. There don't seem to be all that many other Nerdfighters around here though. 
  • I think I'm the only one from Kenya...  :-$
  • aaddamsaaddams Posts: 2
    I'm from Israel. any Israeli nerdfighters around?
  • I'm a South African/ Israeli Nerdfighter.. Really weird I know but I swear I'm not lying. I live in Cape Town, study in Grahamstown And go back and forth between S.A and Israel.
  • aaddamsaaddams Posts: 2
    I'm a South African/ Israeli Nerdfighter.. Really weird I know but I swear I'm not lying. I live in Cape Town, study in Grahamstown And go back and forth between S.A and Israel.
    Michal that's really cool! are you in college there?
  • LumosLumos Posts: 1
    I'm a Kuwaiti nerdfighter! Sadly, there don't seem to be many others around here...
  • TzviTzvi New JerseyPosts: 961 ✭✭✭✭
    @aaddams I'm currently visiting Israel! Hope you're staying safe - where in Israel are you?
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  • The Nerdfightertastic thing is that Michal and I know each other! :D haha. We were in the same school. We also didn't know about each other being nerdfighters until this forum. Life is cool. 
  • vaintalkvaintalk Posts: 2
    Anyone from Bahrain? :)
  • MariamMariam Posts: 3
    Any Egyptian nerdfighters ?? 
  • RenoaRenoa Posts: 4
    انا من السعودية *_*
    الي اكتشفته ان فيه نيردفايترز واجد بس ما يشاركون بالردود او في السروال خخخ
  • NourakinsNourakins Posts: 4
    *waves at my fellow GCC nerdfighters*
    A big hello from Dubai :D
  • gabrielmgabrielm Posts: 3
    Good to see my disenfranchised 3rd world brethren mingling like this :) the plan is coming together! Yes. Yeeeeeessssss...
  • Israel!

    It always makes me happy to see Arabic-speaking Nerdfighters. If only we could work together to increase Awesome (and, of course, decrease Worldsuck) in our region... Unfortunately, I think the most we can do is just help ourselves and our friends let go of prejudice and hate. Not much to do on national scales...
  • TheZomgKittyTheZomgKitty CT-RSAPosts: 25
    Im also a South African Nerdfighter ^^
    I'm Capetownian thou :)
  • ZeinounZeinoun Beirut, LebanonPosts: 39
    Lebanon!! Its sad I know, but its either they hide or there is no such thing as lebanese nerdfighters!
  • Bayan96Bayan96 Posts: 2
    Hello there, I'm from Bahrain!:D
  • UverosUveros Posts: 3
    Another Israeli nerdfighter here! Just when I thought I was the only one...
  • MoosyMoosy Posts: 3
    I'm a Saudi :D
    The Ning has more middle eastern nerdfighters for some reason... But yeah hello ya'll :D It's great to know you exist :P
  • mizzkrugermizzkruger Posts: 2
    Another South African Nerdfighter here! Proudly Capetonian. 
    Is there seriously only a handful of us? We clearly need to do some recruiting lol
  • Miss_FoxieMiss_Foxie Posts: 1
    edited May 2013

    Hey guys,

    South African nerdfighter.  More specifically, Port Elizabeth :)

    Wish there were more of us.

    by Miss_Foxie
  • strandcorestrandcore Posts: 242 ✭✭
    to all Israeli nerdfighters! we have a (very) active facebook group you are more than welcome to join. we currently have 360 members! https://www.facebook.com/groups/DFTBAIsrael/
  • ElzeinElzein Abu DhabiPosts: 2
    Egyptian living in Abu Dhabi, was wondering if there are any other egyptians here.
  • Unfortunately, I am not a Middle Eastern Nerdfighter. I'm Haley, an American Nerdfighter (from Pennsylvania, specifically) and I'm doing a project about social media for my Internet and Digital Studies course. Our assignment is to get in touch with people around the world and talk to them about how they use social media.

    I promise I'm not a decepticon or any sort of spam bot, I've been a nerdfighter for years but just never used the forum until now.

    Anyhow, would any of you guys be willing to talk to me about how you use social media in your countries? I'd really appreciate it. If so, just shoot me a message!
  • naInaI NairobiPosts: 6
    I think I'm the only one from Kenya...  :-$

    You're not alone :D 

    I'm from Kenya too! Live in Nairobi when I'm not off at Uni.

  • Lady_ShahdLady_Shahd JordanPosts: 2
    Anyone from Jordan here? Come on I can't be the only nerfighter here! يلا يا جماعة انا مش لحالي من الأردن صح؟؟ :(
  • TheamazingpokoTheamazingpoko Accra, GhanaPosts: 10
    Nigerian Nerdfighter, right here!! I'm currently living in Ghana, and I just moved here from South Africa a bit over a year ago! That was where I was first introduced to Nerdfighterianism! If there are any of you here, let me know! :D
  • AdhamAdham Posts: 10
    any Egyptian nerdfighter here ? 
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