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I'm sure there's something like this elsewhere but it's easier to just make this. So I'm intreated in starting to read Spider-Man comics. But I wasn't sure were to start and what story's to give a shot. So dose anyone have any suggestions on were I could start and what I should have a look at.


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    Marvel ended the Amazing Spider-Man with issue 700 back in December, and replaced it with the Superior Spider-Man. I am really enjoying the new take on Spider-Man, but to avoid giving any spoilers I would recommend picking up a few back issues of the Amazing Spider-Man. I'd probably start with issues 698, 699, 700,  and then go on from there. Skip issue 699.1 though. It doesn't really have any relevance to Spider-Man, it was just published to garner interest in the new Morbius series (unless you are also interested in that character as well).

    They just released the first trade paperback of Superior Spider-Man not to long ago. It contains the first five issues and would serve as a great introduction to the new series.

    As for the ultimate's universe Spider-Man I can't say too much. I've heard it is pretty good. I have read the Death of Spider-Man arc from that series and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    So long as you don't start in the middle of a story arc you should be good to start from any point in the series, excluding the jump between Amazing and Superior, unless your already aware of what happened to cause the change of series.

  • jimspider13jimspider13 Miss London, UKPosts: 3,917 ✭✭✭
    Thanks, and I think I heard about the change between amazing and ultimate.
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    I recently started reading Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis and I'm liking it so far.
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