Random Event Squad! -Vidcon 2014 Recruitment Thread-

TheGhostyBearTheGhostyBear San Jose, CaliforniaPosts: 6
Hey everyone! With Vidcon 2014 fast approaching, It's time i started recruiting for a little group i like to call the "Random Event Squad". The goal of this group is to inject a little more awesome into the vidcon experience with random and impromptu events that we will make spontaneously happen thanks to modern cellphone tech and twitter. Random Events may include things such as: Spontaneous dance-off/dance parties, Spontaneous Musicals about who knows what, Random limbo contests, maybe even some meditation for those who want to relax, and other fun random events! If you think you are cut out for this sort of thing and want to make vidcon exciting and awesome for all, shoot me a message and i will respond ASAP! Can't wait to see all of yo faces.
Additional Contact infos:
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