Favourite/Least favourite comics-to-movie transition

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There are a lot of comics-turned-into-movies that are awesome, and some that are so awful that they just make you want to cry. Any favourites? Least favourites?

My favourite: Spider-man 2, by far (even though people get some hate on Tobey Maguire's performance, this movie is so good).
Least favourite: I can't choose between Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim. Yeah, really. Kick-ass is gut-wrenching, sad and somewhat depressing. It shows how being a super-hero is difficult and that reality sucks. The movie... made it look easy and fun. Michael Cera was the lead actor on Scott Pilgrim. Period. Scott was supposed to be awesome and Michael does it in his never changing acting way. It's so annoying.

Inspired by @sjade247's topic about favourites and least favourite book-to-movie transitions.
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    I mean, you won't like me for this one, but:

    My favorite is probably Scott Pilgrim. I don't know, I actually like Cera in most of what he's in, but I've heard the same argument from other people so I can see where you're coming from. Constantine (based off of Hellblazer) was pretty good, to me, but most other people that saw it hated it. 

    Least favorite is probably the Spiderman movies. Toby Maguire has like four facial expressions and that just ruins it for me. Plus he just plays Parker as... kind of a flat character, which sucks because he's such an awesome and witty comic book character and you just don't get to see that. I'm not a huge fan of the film adaptations of Moore's stuff (Watchmen and V for Vendetta) either, I just don't think they give credence to how good those graphic novels were. 
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    It's hard to look further than the Nolan Batman films really but I also enjoyed the first two X-men films and they did start the current boom in super hero films. For least favourite adaptations it's hard to look beyond another of the X-men films, X-men: The Last Stand, Brett Ratner did a great job killing the franchise with that film.
  • My favorite transition is probably a tie between V for Vendetta and Scott Pilgrim. V for Vendetta was able to capture so much of the world and structure of the government and V himself, and the amount of stuff they cut from the graphic novel was what was strictly necessary. And while I do agree with the assessment that Micheal Cera was a really bad choice for Scott Pilgrim, i found that a lot of cinematic and graphic choices in the movie made it FEEL like a graphic novel, which i was EXTREMELY impressed by. The pacing, the writing, and the wit in the movie were amazing, and the supporting cast more than made up for any unhappiness i had with Cera. 

    I really was not a fan of the X-Men movies, with the exception being placed on first class. 
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    The only thing I dislike about the First Class adaptation is that they are trying to keep the Bryan Singer's trilogy timeline. I mean, they had tha chance to reboot everything and fix every character they screwed.

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    Least favourite adaption is the English dub of Persepolis! Why would her uncle be voiced by Iggy Pop? Why would any of the characters be voiced by Americans at all? Felt like weird white washing. 
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    My God, Catwoman was a horrible movie. 
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    My favorite is for sure Scott Pilgrim. I love how they kept the spirit of the comics on the screen and added a lot of funny stuff. I usually dislike Cera but I think in this movie, specifically, he did a great job.

    And my least favorite... That's hard to tell. I really hate Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman is much better) because of Toby Macguire and Kirsten Dunst, I think they're both horrible actors. But I haven't read the comics, so I can't say much about the adaptation. Also, I could say I dislike the movie for Battle Royale. But than again, this isn't a comics to movie transition, since both the manga and the movie came from the original book. I just feel like it was because I haven't read the book and I read the manga first.
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    I know I'm going to get flack for this but I enjoyed Scott Pilgrim, V for vendetta, Kick-ass and pretty much every movie listed above. I'm a huge takashi miike fan and he mentioned (in regards to making ichi the killer) that there is no way to make a movie that is completely faithful to the source material that will be just as good. He goes on to say that the movies he makes that are adapted from manga are veiwed in his eyes as an independent entity... a sort of little brother (rather than a twin brother I suppose) to the manga (which is obviously the big brother). With that said, I'm pretty forgiving of bad films as long as they are at least -somewhat- entertaining. For me my least favorite comic to film adaptation would probably be the league of extraordinary gentlemen.
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  • Under the Red Hood was a brilliant movie based off of one of Judd Winick's runs with Batman (also the screenplay was written by him).  It's animated, but I think it's the best movie based off comics.  It was perfectly cast, fits with the canon well, and the art and writing are terrific.

    I also love the V for Vendetta movie adaptation, as well as what Marvel is doing in it's movie universe, including the rebooted Spiderman and the X-men first class movies.  The Avengers was perfect.

    I like Christopher Nolan's Batman movies a lot, but sometimes I just need to remind myself to keep them totally separate from the comics in my mind.

    That being said, I'm not as picky with my Marvel movies because I don't read much Marvel, but I read a lot of DC.
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    call me and orthodox but I have the policy of Never watching a movie based on a comic. The last one was Batman begins, I like it but after i saw it started reading the comics and my mind was like "this is so much awesome!"
    But sadly i have become so stubborn that almost never read comics any more :( i just can't stand the way DC (marvel has never been my cup of tea) handle their series.
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    This is tough because I really like comic book movies. At least I thought so until I remembered that X-Men 3 exists. So...

    Least favorite: X-Men 3. Everything was wrong about it. I blocked it from my memory and I have no desire to bring it back. The only part I remember is Wolverine saving the world from Phoenix with the power of love, and that is all I need to never bring it up again.

    Favorite: I think The Avengers was pretty darn good. A fun movie, just how a crossover series should be. I really loved everything about it.

    I am of the opinion that a movie adaptation is a failure if it lacks the creativity to be different from the source material, which I realize isn't a popular opinion, but I think that comic book movies generally do that well. Of course with franchises like Batman, which has so many verses that practically anything is canon, it's different. I'm psyched for Superman. I can hardly keep it together when I see the trailer.
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    Favorite: The Dark Knight.
    Least Favorite: I'm not sure if this counts because it's not exactly a movie(or a normal comic, for that matter)but The Walking Dead. I love the comic, and I used  to watch the show, but after getting into the comic, the show just seemed terrible.
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    Favorites: Amazing Spiderman, Captain America, Avengers & Constantine.
    Worst: Elektra and Daredevil.
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    Oh God where to start. OK to make it simple I'm just going to ignore all manga.

    The Dark Knight is amazing, just a great movie. It's a terrible adaptation, but a great movie. X-men: First Class, The Avengers and Scott Pilgrim are all also up there for me. Here's the thing about Scott Pilgrim. Scott is not awseome. Scott is a self-absorbed man-child who has to spend the entire series getting over himself and actually man-up and deal with his problems. He's a loser who hurts everyone around him including himself and doesn't even realise when he's doing it. And Micheal Cera was perfect for that. The first Batman and Superman movies are both pretty good. I have mixed feelings about Kick Ass, since I hated the original comic and was split in terms of the movie. And most of the recent Marvel movies have at least been entertaing, if nothing else. And finally I have a soft spot in my heart for the Daredevil movie, simply because Michael Clarke Duncan is the best Kingpin ever.

    For worst there are so many to chosse from. V for Vendetta took a difficult and intelligent story and dumbed it down into incomprehensibility. Watchmen did the same, only more boring. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-men 3, Batman and Robin, and Catwoman are just awful, awful movies. I hate the ending to The Dark Knight Rises. The Spirit is terrible, I couldn't stand Spider Man 3, and don't even get me started on the abomination of the Fantastic Four movies.

    (EDIT: I realise it might not be clear from above, but I do genuinely love Scott Pilgrim, both the books and the film.)
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