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It's true that the biggest fans of DC are often the people most frustrated with DC.  So here's a place to discuss our favorite and....not so favorite things about DC.

Sometimes it feels like every awesome thing we get from creators, we get an equally horrible installment into the universe.  We get Batwoman...yet they also ruin Starfire's characterization.
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  • I think Starfire got a little bit better in the most recent arc of Red Hood, but yeah that always kinda happens when big things change. The thing that caught me the most off guard was the addition of the whole red/green/rot dynamic in Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Those ended up being two of my favorite comics, and in my opinion a great addition to the mythos, but Beast Boy not being green is just weird.
  • salus_aegrotisalus_aegroti Posts: 2
    Well the most current thing that has turned me into a giant squid of anger, is [SPOILERS, except seriously if you don't know by now?] the most recent death of a certain 11 year old. I JUST DON'T GET IT. Why Grant Morrison?! Why?

    Okay, something DC got right in the New 52......
    Kenneth Rocafort, Brett Booth, & L'il Gotham (does that count?).
    Though I am pretty intrigued with the N52 Roy Harper. That is, I can appreciate the character if I consider him as separate from the pre52 Roy Harper.
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    Gotta be honest, everything I like DC-wise (that's not the new 52) is only Batman. Oh, and ONE crossover thing called Tower of Babel. I don't tend to care for DC. Even now the new 52 is irritating me by how they're handling the Batman based story lines.

    But, Batman: The Long Halloween is my fave DC.
  • mutantninjalapenomutantninjalapeno Posts: 110 ✭✭
    the long halloween is definitely one of the best batman comics ever. i mean tim sale's art alone in it is legendary.

    i got into comics big when dc did their new 52 thing, and at the start i was reading like 16 of the titles, but through cancellations, and dc ftba-ing, i'm down to just scott snyder's batman. the guy almost lost me with death of the family, but zero year pulled me back in and the occasional side story drawn by james tynion iv has me hooked. wish i could say the same for more. 

    the way they've handled superman makes me sad, too, especially their treatment of lois lane.

    i still read vertigo stuff though.
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    I love a lot of the DC universe (die hard Batfan, right here!), but my biggest complaint is how they handle continuity. Things like the New 52 and the whole Crisis concept of smashing things together so that stuff technically happened but didn't happen yet still sorta did but kinda not really is...well, convoluted and obfuscating. I love their approach to separating characters into 'Families' (The BatFam may be the most literal example of this, but the concept is still true for things like the Kryptonians, the Flash and his Rogues, etc). the other thing I really don't like (like most people) (I need to use fewer parenthetical statements) is their executive decision making. Things like Starfire's character direction in the new 52 and the whole Batwoman can't get married thing is just plain dumb, and they really show no signs of stopping this pattern.

    A lot of times, I find myself wishing they would build in a lot more of the feel and attitude from the 90s-early 2000s animated universe into their ideas and stories for the comics. But that may be a skewed opinion resulting from a childhood raised on Batman:TAS.
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