LeakyCon London 2013


Are any of you going to LeakyCon in the UK next year? I wanted to, but I couldn't get tickets. Does anyone know if they will be available later on?
If you're going, what are you looking forward to the most? And if you're not, why not?


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  • alphafalphaf Posts: 1
    I wanted to, but didn't get tickets either :( I didn't even know they were up! It must be a pretty small event compared to the Portland one if tickets sold out so quick. I'm thinking I might just go down anyway and go to HP world in Watford, or create a nerdfighter facebook event and get a group together to find rooms in a hostel and have a harry potter related weekend with visiting HP world, castles etc. and many re-enactments of AVPM and AVPS :)
  • HuskerHusker Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I'm going! It makes me feel sad that there are people who want to go but don't have tickets :(

    I've wanted to go ever since they announced the first LeakyCon but being poor and living in the UK, I couldn't afford to fly to America (and I still can't!). I'm really excited, if anyone is going please talk to me because I want to meet a whole bunch of awesome people! 
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  • QLCQLC Posts: 53
    I'm going! I was very lucky to get tickets. 
    People will probably meet up outside the con, so ticketless people can still join in. I think there will be (or should be ;) ) a mass gathering at King's Cross in which we all run headfirst into various walls in our wizard gear.
  • I so wanted to go and I had the money and everything, I just knew my mum wouldn't let me go- so I just gave up trying the opportune moment to ask her, maybe 2014 when I'll be 18 and she can't stop me! I definitely want to see if I can get down to London during the con as I'm sure meetups will happen
  • Tweak6Tweak6 Posts: 1
    I'm going! It was so hard to get tickets though, it took me hours at the computer and then I only just got mine before the site crashed for the second time. Though I'm going alone now because my friend coudn't get tickets, and I am going to be escorted to and from evry day by an overprotective mother. 
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  • @tweak6 I recognise that username, are you on the Alohomora! forums? Sorry for the random q :)
  • NiphaiNiphai Posts: 5
    I'm going too! 

    I've been to LeakyCon 2011 in Orlando (flying over from the Netherlands) and had such an awesome time! Then the Alohomora team announced that they were going to have a con in London in 2013. As you guys probably know, that con became LeakyCon London and I'm really excited that I got registered!
  • Faye97Faye97 Posts: 1
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    Yup, I'm going! Sorry for all those people who didn't get tickets though :( They sold out REALLY fast!
    by Faye97
  • I'm going! I'm so excited I've never been to a convention before aaah! 
    I was on the website buying the tickets as soon as they went on sale cause I knew they'd go fast... I feel sorry for the people who didn't get a chance to get any tickets though D: 

  • bratpackbratpack Posts: 4
    I'm going! Managed to get in there quickly when tickets went on sale and get a Rockstar Registration, yay! :)
  • I couldn't get the tickets in time, and I'm also broke, but I don't think people would pass up the opportunity of the meetups, so I'm actually still pretty content - there's always next time after all.
  • janitoriajanitoria Posts: 12
    I'm going. Still can't believe I managed to get a ticket, it was madness!
  • MyrtoMyrto Posts: 131 ✭✭
    I'm not going! :( But on the bright side I found the vlogbrothers thanks to it! I hope I'll go next year! :)
  • amelia9009amelia9009 NYCPosts: 165 ✭✭✭
    I'm not going, but I just realized that I live really close to the Hotel Russel which is kind of weird.  It is a super nice, swanky building.
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  • ejetzerejetzer Posts: 1
    I'm going! I stayed up all night just to get a ticket... I'm from Quebec, Canada, and this will be my first trip out of North America. I'm quite glad it's for Leaky. :)
  • janitoriajanitoria Posts: 12
    Hey guys, are John and Hank like, confirmed to be there?
    I know it's still really early but I'm just asking because I'm currently really upset that I probably won't be able to go to the UK tour they're doing in February.
    So yeah, does anyone know? It would make my day.
  • karisg0rstxkarisg0rstx Posts: 18
    I'm going, I'm travelling 6 hours to get there!
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  • It took so long on the computer (and a lot of crying) and then I didn't get a ticket... and then suddenly three months later I was offered one! So, yeah, I'm going with my best friend! :D
  • JaberwokkieJaberwokkie Posts: 10
    I'm going!  I'm so glad I got a ticket in time.
    I'm going alone though and I don't know anyone else who is going.
    It's my first time so I'm kinda nervous.
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  • JaberwokkieJaberwokkie Posts: 10
    I have a practical question. I booked a room in a hostel but I have to check out the 11th.
    Is the last day a full day of convention? In that case maybe I should book another night.
    If not, is it possible for me to go to the convention with my luggage and deposit it somewhere safely for the day?
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  • Gringotts_713Gringotts_713 Posts: 10

    I hope everyone attending has a blast! 

    Please share videos and pictures for those of us who cannot attend!

    Let me pull a Mama Weasley moment, be safe in you travels, have fun take care.

    I am looking forward to attending my first Leaky Con next year and am considering attending as a volunteer because I don't have any IRL friends into Potter. Is anyone volunteering in London or did you volunteer in Portland? If you have would you please share what the experience is like if you do?

  • XenolillyXenolilly Posts: 44
    I knew about Leaky Con long before I ever heard of the Vlogbrothers. How are they related?
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