How did you start reading comics?

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What were the first series/titles/characters that got you into reading comic books? Did you start young or was it recent? Any tips for someone interested in starting to read comics, but is feeling overwhelmed?
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    When I was but a wee lad, I enjoyed reading Garfield, and most newspaper strips in general. Some friends and I got into making small half-sheet comics, which led to me reading stuff like Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side. Starting in middle school I would go to the library and rent out STACKS of comics to read, varying from independent stuff to graphic novels to collections of superhero stuff to manga. Near the end of middle school, I began reading webcomics fervently, and now I am studying them at SCAD! And to those who are overwhelmed, just know that a lot of serialized comics and longform comics are made with the knowledge that they can be intimidating. Just dive in and have fun!


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    Oops! That's definitely where I thought I was! Thanks :)
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    Like most people, I knew comics were a thing, and I liked to read the funny papers. I had read fan-scanned manga for a long time because I preferred it to watching the cruddy Americanized anime. Western comics didn't interest me until one day I stumbled upon SmackJeeves and saw a few webcomics that intrigued me (most of which are now defunct). After that things just kind of snowballed as these comics linked over to much better webcomics like Girls With Slingshots, Johnny Wander, and XKCD. 
    Then I took the next step and went out of my way to find published comics and graphic novels, and found out about classics like Maus and Persepolis. Now I follow about 40 different webcomics, and own about a shelf of graphic novels and western comics.
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    I started reading comics when I was a kid, around seven or eight years old, I think. My step-father had the original Eastman and Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, and as I was obsessed with the cartoon, he let me read those books. From there, it was a slippery slope to Justice League International, X-Men, The Flash, and the Fantastic Four. 

    Now, I read about 25-30 comics a month - anything from Justice League to Manhattan Projects - as well as following about 10 webcomics, my favorites of which are Gronk and Multiplex (and you couldn't find two completely different comics.)
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    I read some X-Men and other comic series very infrequently, only buying some at rest-stops during my family's once a year summer vacations. From there I read "the funnies" in the newspapers for a while, pretty much reading them all every day possible. At the same time I found Mega Tokyo, a web comic series, around its starting point. I never knew comics were online back then, and wanted to read more.
    I pretty much ignore comics I have to buy as well as "the funnies" these days, sticking to various web comics that I try to keep up with daily. it takes up a good amount of time, but it's fun to see all the different series out there for free online.
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    I was given my first comics when I was a kid, my dad still had a few of his old comics left so he gave them to me (A couple Teen Titans, a couple from a minor DC crossover event, a Tarzan Family, and an issue of the Unknown Soldier). Unfortunately I didn't live near any of the comic book stores in my town and wasn't able to keep up with any series until I got a drivers license. But once I had access to that side of town I started back into comics with the Secret Avengers and then worked my way into a few collected editions of Spider-man and Nova. Now I'm reading Talon, Jericho Season 4, and waiting for the new Nova.

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    I started out with V for Vendetta and Watchmen then moved into some Batman. Now I mostly read Marvel stuff along with some indie series. 
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    QED said:
    I started out with V for Vendetta and Watchmen then moved into some Batman.
    Actually, this is pretty much how I started.  I mean, I used to get comics from the library and stuff, but I never really got into comics until I read those two books.  Then, I found some masterposts online and read the new Blue Beetle, and then some Batman, then all of Invincible, then the Marvel Civil War, and I just recently finished Kick-Ass, which was great.
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    Well I'd watched a lot of cartoons about the characters and read wikipedia articles about a bunch of storyline and so when my friend called me up about two years ago to ask if I wanted to go to the comic book store the answer was obvious, and I've been reading them ever since.
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    When I was about ten, my brother (then 12) started collecting titles like Groo and GI Joe. He later moved on and I didn't pick up an interest agian until a few years later, when my bus route to high school had a transfer spot right in front of a comic store! Naturally I took advantage of the free time to peruse the titles (but could rarely afford any); the big DC titles like Superman and Batman were my main focus.

    Years later, and my work commute takes me past the same store; it's where I get my Doctor Who Magazine, IDW Doctor Who comics, and the occasional compilation for shows like Firefly and Dollhouse. (For some reason I've become focused on TV-based titles).

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    The only comic series i read were the sonic the hedgehog comics which i read for a few years
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    I started reading manga heavily before I started with American comics, which came as a natural extension of my being a fan of anime. Watchmen got me started on American comics, and from there I moved to Sandman, Jeff Smith's stuff, and a few other things.
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    I took to cartoons and superheroes at a very young age, so whenever my mom drug me to antique shops with her I would always get excited when I saw old comics.  It wasn't until a few years ago when I started reading comics on a regular basis though. 

    Fun fact: those comics that I got at the antique shops are worth a little something now.  Thanks mom :)
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    The reason I started reading comics seriously was because of The Walking Dead tv show. I was a huge fan of the show and heard that the comics were outstanding. As the typical "must consume everything and know everything about the thing I am consuming", I eventually found a way to access the comics. I am now caught up on the TWD comics. I read mainly through Comixology on my iphone. While I usually don't like digital readers, I find them helpful when reading comics because I don't accidentally skip ahead, which is easy to do when the artwork is enticing. Since catching up, I have moved on to Super Dinosaur because I feel like Robert Kirkman can do no wrong. 
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    I was obsessed with W.i.t.c.h. and Power Puff Girls as a kid. I read a bit of Tom & Jerry as well. But the thing that made me sort of rediscover comics at 17 was V for Vendetta. Through that I found Watchmen (duh), Neil Gaiman's work, Bone, Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead. I'm mostly into graphic novels, but that's mostly because comics aren't very easily available around where I live.
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    The comic book store had Heavy Metal magazine so I bought it there and would check out the comics while in the store. This was probably around middle/high school time, but never really bought them. Then The Maxx would be on MTV and a boyfriend at the time told me that the comic was much better and at that point I started to buy them. I mostly had JTHM (and others by Jhonen Vasquez), The Maxx, Lenore, and things like that. 
  • I started out with newspaper comics and the Footrot Flats collections (NZ newspaper comic) Tintin and Asterix then shifted into whatever was available at the local library. Fortunately the local libraries had some great collections but I have stuck with reading the TPB collections since then. I still don't have the patience to wait a month for the next instalment of the story arch. I tend to stick to Vertigo and Dark Horse and independent graphic novels.
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    I first majorly started reading comics during DC's Infinite Crisis series a few years back.
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    The selection of comic strips (like Garfield and Baby Blues) published in the local daily newspaper pretty much kick-started a little thing with me and comics. It wasn't long that I began to visit the local library for book collections and treasuries (where I'd also started my occasional reads of Marvel and DC comics as well as a few manga series.) 

    Recently, I've discovered some impressive works by local artistes here in my country and around South-East Asia (comic-making and the related business isn't very big in Singapore) and begun following and supporting the local crop of artistes and the publications they have. One of which is the Liquid City anthology series, which I recommend for folks looking for a good read of short stories presented in unique and personal styles.
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    Long ago...
    Not sure how it started, I just picked up some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was hooked. Though through most of my young comic collecting days I only followed TMNT (Mirage), TMNT (Archie), and Sonic the Hedgehog...with the occasional Spider-Man, Superman, X-Men.
    As a teen I stopped collecting them Many, many years later (2-3 years ago) I got back into collecting...with a vengeance. Now I follow: TMNT, Amazing Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-Man, Venom, BPRD/Hellboy, Deadpool, a few DC TPB (Green Lantern mostly), and am adding a few more titles with some of the Marvel Now issues.

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    -_- I'm a loser that started reading the Sonic the Hedgehog archie comics and fell in love with them. I had the first freaking issues of that comic, augh sad day. I don't anymore. At any rate I did a lot of-- I don't, searching and fell in love with graphic novels and manga. Lots of manga, there is so much about japanese story telling that you don't get in america. Plus like i told my mom, I'd rather read my Soap Opera.
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    @Pygmi Those Sonic comics were awesome! I've still got a box full of them. Though I don't collect them anymore.

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    @Alcix It was so much better than that horrible tv show they shoved down our throats. I loved Rob O' the Hedge. So many amazing characters I think I have almost all of them and most if not all of the Knuckles comics on my computer. They're so good still, I'll always love them lol.
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    I first started reading newspaper comics, but I didn't really get into Comics until I was about 13 or 14. One evening, when I was bored, I decided to draw a little comic about a baby sea turtle. After I had shown my parents the comic, my dad handed me a copy of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics.

    It led me to so many other comics, like the Flight anthologies, which led me to even more comics. It's been an upward - or downward, depending on your perspective - spiral ever since. (I'm not generally a fan of the big name superhero comics, though. I'm much more interested in webcomics, and independent comics.)
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    I started reading comics after I moved to Sydney and my friend told me about a comic shop in the city (Kings). I started reading Buffy season eight and Scott Pilgrim , then got into Marvel (I dunno, not a fan of DC really) and now I'm reading a pretty cool series called Morning Glories and Memorial. 
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    When I was young i thought comics were stupid and nerds were weird and that I would probably never freak out so much over super heros. Yeah, I've never been more wrong in my life. As I grew older I got into geeky things, such as doctor who and nerdfighteria, and I went to see the Avengers movie. It was amazing and I later watched all the other (new)  marvel movies and loved them all but I realized that it takes a LONG time for new movies to come out so i thought, why not read the comics while i wait? I was really interested but I had no idea where to start. Eventually, after reading up on suggestions online, I decided to read the Runaways. There is a comic store near my house so I biked over and bought all three volumes. They were BRILLIANT and I've wanted to continue reading more comics but school got in the way and i haven't gotten the chance to. Still, I'm glad I started. :)
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    I really liked comics as a kid, but the local comic book shop was super creepy!  It wasn't until I discovered webcomics that I really began to read them, and then later started getting graphic novels from the library.  Now I'm a lot more comfortable going into comic book stores.  
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    In the library there is a tiny comic section only 20 books and most of them anime. I read Maus and then Persepolis and finally watchmen. I was hooked.

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