Crowd Problems at VidCon?

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Next year will be my first year at VidCon. I'm super excited about it, but I have a fear of crowds. My medication helps a lot, and my therapist has been giving me tools to help deal with it, but it would help to know that there are other people going that have this problem. I've emailed vidcon, and they told me there are seats for people who are bad with crowds, as well as a Chill Lounge. (They're trying to move the Chill Lounge to a quieter place than it has been in the past.) 

How do you guys deal with this?


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    While I don't have issues with crowds specifically, I can be extremely introverted and being around so many people continuously simply drains me.
    I booked a room to myself the first year I went to VidCon and it was the greatest thing I could have done for myself. It was a guaranteed quiet space. I could easily go hide in my hotel room for an hour or two whenever I was feeling overwhelmed. It also helps to be with people who understand your issues... who can see when you need help and know how to help you (or in my case - just let me be alone!).
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    Like @shakes1327 (Hi Jessica) said, having a hotel room to retreat to really helps. There are also some quieter spaces around the convention hall to get away from the crowds if need be.

    I know for me at one point last year I just REALLY needed to get away from people so I retreated to a section of the Arena during the middle of the day and there was no one in there. This may not always be true, but it didn't seem hard to find more secluded spaces to go to when I needed them.
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    I went to VidCon last yea, and while I may not have been watching out for crowded spaces, I feel the only real claustrophobic area was in the Arena during the evening concert. And if you stay to the edge of the standing crowd it is very cleared out except for a couple of groups. And you still have the seating which is a large amount of space, and if you find the right areas it's an even better view of the stage than standing. And it doesn't feel weird or left out if you sit there. Many people sit to relax after standing for so long and many of the older crowd prefers to sit than stand with 15 year old screaming teenagers. 

    Overall though, the convention center is huge. If you ever find a need to slip away, the second floor is pretty open in the hallways, if there isn't a line for a panel or ninja tournament going on. And the third floor is almost always clear (mostly industrial type panels and staff meetings up there). Of course having a hotel room is also really handy, though I wouldn't really know as I live in LA, so I commuted to the Con. 

    It's a really great experience going to VidCon and there is always really helpful staff that can point you to a safe location if needed. See you there! :)
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