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Anyone from the Vancouver Island region? 

I just moved to Victoria from the States, but I'll be here for quite a while because I began a masters program that will most likely turn into a PhD program. 


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    Yesss! I've lived on the Island for a while, but I'm now also currently in Victoria, in my first year of university. I've yet to meet any Nerdfighters in person, though, so this is awesome!
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    @karakamos Hi!!!!

    (Sorry if that sounded too excited.)

    Do you by any chance go to UVic? That is where I currently am, and will be, for the foreseeable future. (Oh grad school...) What are you studying?

    I have sort of met Nerdfighters before, but this doesn't count because they were friends who later decided to convert me to the life of Nerdfighter. 
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    @nerdlizzie Hi!! And it's definitely not too excited! I'm all about exclamation marks!

    Indeed I do! I'm studying English and Creative Writing right now/probably, as an ickle firstie. What are you studying that brought you here? How are you liking the city so far? 

    Yeah, I have a couple friends who are kind of Nerdfighters, but I knew them before, so I figure it doesn't really count.
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    @karakamos ;I am studying marine geology/sediment dynamics. As you can imagine, location is very important for my field. Also, I have always loved Canada and was interested to live here. I really love Victoria. It is beautiful. Canadians are very friendly. I can ride the buses everywhere. I also have been training for my first marathon (which I run Sunday in Seattle), and there are so many awesome running trails with beautiful scenery. I'm slowly getting used to the rain. Definitely have learned to love rainboots. 
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    @nerdlizzie Cool! Yeah, I took a marine biology course in high school, and it made me realize just how cool it is to get to live so near the ocean. I am also very excited by the buses here, because I come from a smallish town where they are bunches less convenient. And I can definitely see how the rain is an adjustment - for me, the worst part is just how gray it gets, but I love how it makes everything even brighter at night.

    Hey, good luck on your marathon! That's awesome. 
  • nerdlizzienerdlizzie Posts: 20
    @nerdlizzie I feel your pain on the small town/bus situation. The only place in California that believes in efficient public transportation is the Bay Area, and I am definitely not from there. 

    The darkness in the winter is a little unsettling too. At 4:30 I want to eat dinner. I feel way older than I actually am. 

    And thanks for the good luck. I can't wait to get it over with. I started running about a year and a half ago and have since done two half marathons. A marathon is a lot more difficult though. Looking very forward to going back to training for halfs. 
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    Cool! More Island people! I'm about an hour away from Vic and Nan. :)
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    Hi @PolyJuice

    Yay island people. At least Vancouver Island is a big island. I spent two summers doing research on Orcas Island in the San Juan Island and I got "island fever" due to the island being so small and not very populated. Not having that problem here. 
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    Hiya! Another UVic person here! Currently studying biology, thinking of an Anthropology double major.
  • Any Nanaimo Nerdfighters here?
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    Not Nanaimo, but Saanichton area here. :)
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    I live in Victoria but I grew up in Port Alberni and Qualicum Beach.

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” 

    - George R.R. Martin

  • I'm in Victoria as well! And I work at UVic in the Faculty of Education!
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    I'm in Victoria!
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