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Whether they're superhero-related or otherwise, here's a nice little place to discuss graphic novels. The ones we love, the ones we hate, and everything in between.

So, what are your favourites? Reading any now? If so, impressions thus far?


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    Sandman is my personal favorite, though I also really enjoyed the Lucifer spin-off. I haven't read it consistently, but I like Hellblazer quite a bit too. Fables and Preacher are next on my list, whenever I get the time/money (why don't libraries carry more graphic novels??).
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    Some of my favorite graphic novels would probably have to be Habibi (by Craig Thompson), Fun Home (by Alison Bechdel), and Swallow Me Whole (by Nate Powell). The latter-most of these really struck a chord with me on a personal level! Before reading Swallow Me Whole, I had never been as emotionally effected by a graphic novel.

    Also on my list of favorites (and not quite as serious as the previous examples) is Jeff Smith's Bone, which I've been meaning to re-read. My first read-through was a bit rushed, so I'm afraid I didn't catch everything the first time around.
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    It might be cliché to say, but my favorite is Watchmen. Others that I really enjoyed were Maus, Batman: The Long Halloween, Understanding Comics and Blankets. I haven't read a lot of them, but I'm very gradually building on my collection. I wish they would get as much respect by the mainstream as books and movies do. There are some truly amazing stories that have been told in comics that couldn't have been told as well in any other medium.
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    Any Sandman fans among the nerdfighters?
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    @geekacrossthestreet ;
    I haven't read any Sandman, though it is something I plan to do someday.
  • AaronAaron Dundee, U.K.Posts: 758 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @geekacrossthestreet I'm reading it for the first time. I've just finished Season of Mists, and it's only getting more awesome as I go through the series :). Do you have a favourite part of the series?
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    Sandman is great, my favourite character in the series is probably Death though. 
  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    @Aaron, have you gotten to the part with Lucifer yet? That's my favorite storyline.
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    @geekacrossthestreet I just read the part where he shuts down hell. It's pretty great. I loved every character in it, from Lucifer to Thor to the dead schoolboys.

    Have you read American Gods? It shares a lot of the same characters from this storyline of Sandman.
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    @Aaron, yeah I've read American Gods. I have read a lot of books by him and I've never been led wrong yet. I'm a huge Gaiman fan. Today I purchased and read The Wake. After I finished it I had to go and take a nap, it made me cry and I'm used to crying from books but never because of a graphic novel. Have you read Anansi Boys?
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    @geekacrossthestreet  I have read Anansi Boys. When I started reading it I wasn't sure whether I'd like it that much, since the tone is quite a bit lighter than American Gods, not quite as epic, but I ended up really liking it. The lighter tone meant that some of the creepy and weirder moments later on in the book really took me by surprise.
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  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    I bought the first of the Death comics a day or two ago. It's called "Death: The High Cost of Living." I quite enjoyed it.
  • I teach 6th grade English, and I just bought my class an Edgar Allen Poe graphic novel. They love it! I'm so glad I can get kids interested in reading through them. They've even branched out into manga, which is really saying something since I teach in a small TN town. 
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    I'm really into Fraction and Ba's Casanova. It's very not all ages but it's rather splendid if you like super spies, sex bots and mind bending scifi. I pretty much love everything Fraction touches. His monthly Hawkeye is literally redefining what main stream super hero comics can be and his Future Foundation is consistently wonderful.
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    I bought the first of the Death comics a day or two ago. It's called "Death: The High Cost of Living." I quite enjoyed it.
    There's also supposed to be a Thessaly spin-off. I only just found out about it. Has anyone read it/is it worth picking up? 
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    Hey, has anyone here read anything by Doug TenNapel? You all should also Demonology I really liked it.
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    You cannot read that conversation between Dream and Shakespeare and not bawl your eyes out.  I was devastated.

    Also!  Conan the Barbarian, new series, graphic novels are SO good.  I know the art has changed, and I haven't really read eight, maybe?  So I'm behind, but I've really loved the series thus far.
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  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭

    I totally agree with you. I wept. It was so worth it though.

    I haven't read those yet but I will pick them up based on your recommendation :)
  • HelenaInABasketHelenaInABasket Posts: 77 ✭✭

    It's not the same as Sandman in terms of seriousness or darkness.  I'm not sure how familiar you are with Robert Howard's work, but if you like his work it really is like reading his writing in a lot of ways.  It has the same feel.  It's sword and sorcery.  I can't say much for Conan, since I haven't read the original stories.  I did read the originals for Kull though, which I really enjoyed and I can identify with Kull.

    Also, you're looking for the series thru Darkhorse I believe in trades.  Marvel put out some stuff in the 80's that I think was fairly hideous.  Just look at the bad haircut. =p
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    I'm a big fan of the Fable series but some of my favorite graphic novels are "Blankets" by Craig Thompson, the "Essex County" trilogy by Jeff Lemire, and "The P.L.A.I.N. Janes" by Cecil Castellucci.

    I'm really not picky, though -- I'll read just about any graphic novel I can get my hands on.

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    Other than the obvious Walking Dead and Sandman, there's a really good obscure one called City of Light, City of Dark.
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  • PwwallPwwall Posts: 18
    I recently read Polarity by Max Bemis. Really off kilter and really good.
  • digitalsleepdigitalsleep USAPosts: 73 ✭✭
    All-time favorites:
    -Batman: The Long Halloween
    -Marvel Civil War
    -Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O'Malley
  • KittyMokaReadsBooksKittyMokaReadsBooks at hogwarts libraryPosts: 3
    the New Deadwardians was a great graphic novel my husband even enjoyed it and couldn't put down
    i wish i had a comic book store close to where i live that way i wouldn't need to order them...i miss the feeling of being inside a comic book store :(
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    Do any Nerdfighters like Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi? Its flipping amazing and on
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