Favorite Thing About Crash Course?

Mine is that we watch it in AP World History (AH! And over Thanksgiving break, guess who we get to read about? The Mongols.)

What's yours?
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  • I love that both Hank and John are really good at explaining subjects in-depth (so that a moron like myself might understand) without boring us all to death.
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  • randomradiationrandomradiation SingaporePosts: 392 ✭✭✭
    People should comment on this topic more! :)

    I love the captions. Sometimes the captions don't match what is really said, or there's a funny phrase hidden in there and it's only visible for half a second, so I always attempt to pause the video at that exact time so that I can read it. :) My favourites are the ones that involve John moving his chair to the Open Letter desk. :)
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  • AaronAaron Dundee, U.K.Posts: 757 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Crash Course is brilliant simply because without it I would never gone through a course in Biology. I hate to get all serious, but Crash Course: Biology has genuinely affected my life and the way that I think about the world. Before watching it I unconsciously thought about science simply as a way of curing diseases and creating suspension bridges, and not as something you could study just because you want to understand the universe better. So if @Hank happens to read this, thanks.
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  • jml21000jml21000 Posts: 19
    I love the humour and John and Hank are good at explaining things. But they also go so fast, I have to pause the video a lot to keep up
  • missMorticiamissMorticia Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Me from the past :D 
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  • marthadearestmarthadearest Dublin, IrelandPosts: 25 ✭✭
    As a postgrad history student, I am incredibly impressed at the breadth of material that John managed to cover in Crash Course World History. It wasn't Eurocentric or America-centric, which so much 'world' history tends to be, and had a great knack for describing local events within a global context.

    Finding the balance of what to cover and what not to cover over such a comparatively short space of time must have been a total nightmare, but I think Crash Course did it absolutely brilliantly.

    Also, wait for it, the Mongols!  
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  • monkeycootiesmonkeycooties Canada, eh.Posts: 12
    I agree with above, I really like that it isn't too Euro or American specific. There was some other cool stuff happening around the world! ;)
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  • writtenwisheswrittenwishes College Dorm RoomPosts: 3,078 ✭✭✭
    While I can't decide on simply one favorite thing about Crash Course, I love how both John and Hank love teaching all of us about their topics. It shows how interested they are in the subject, and how they love it so much they're sharing it with all of us so that maybe one day we'll be as passionate as they are. :) Also, the production teams/staff are also another favorite of mine, because without their expertise and knowledge, Crash Course wouldn't be as awesome and informative!
  • nargleynargley Posts: 42 ✭✭
    John from the past and, of course, Thought Bubble!
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  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    There are so many really great things about CrashCourse and what it is and what it does for the people of the internet but I do quite like John from the Past and the ThoughtBubble.
  • ArielAriel Posts: 146 ✭✭✭
    I love the flowers that are sometimes real and sometimes fake. Also, I love Thought Bubble jokes like when they put the Ikea Monkey in one of the videos.
  • Wait for it,

    The Mongols
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  • writtenwisheswrittenwishes College Dorm RoomPosts: 3,078 ✭✭✭
    Like the post before me, the Mongols are awesome! I also love how passionate John and Hank are about the subjects that they teach :)
  • I love that is is informative, enough so to help me study for tests or jog my memory for papers, but it is also simplified enough to make it understandable and fun to listen to. 
  • turdl38turdl38 Posts: 976 ✭✭✭✭
    learning and thought bubbles
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  • radiotakradiotak Posts: 1
    I love how passionate both John and Hank are about the subjects they are teaching. It is great watching them because they know that what they are doing is important and they really care about doing it right.
  • ZoggFromBetelgeuseZoggFromBetelgeuse Posts: 59 ✭✭
    What I like most about Crash Course is that it reveals how you earthlings modelize the world in your head. For example, I never understood the earthling concept of "things" until John discussed whether or not Rennaissance is a "thing".
  • CatyCat010CatyCat010 Posts: 2
    I have watched all the Crash Course videos, and my favorite part of all the courses is how Hank and John make these courses approachable and enjoyable to learn about... I watch the videos and think how nice it would have been to have these when I was still in school (especially the Chemistry and Biology courses!)... I've learned so much in the past couple of months about subjects that I haven't studied in years, and I'm feeling like I'm a more well-rounded person now. :)
  • nat_the_humannat_the_human Posts: 20
    John Green.

    Wait can I say that? looool
  • SpoonManSpoonMan Posts: 5
    John Green.

    Wait can I say that? looool
    I second that lol
  • writtenwisheswrittenwishes College Dorm RoomPosts: 3,078 ✭✭✭
    SpoonMan said:
    John Green.

    Wait can I say that? looool
    I second that lol
    Agreed, and Hank Green is also another reason :)
    The Mongols
  • VyseDyneVyseDyne Posts: 5
    I love the fact that the subjects are spit up so that John and Hank both have the opportunity to go over the subjects that make them so enthusiastic, though the concept of Hank doing a Literature video or John doing a Chemistry video sorta makes me giggle maniacally.

    The biggest thing that I love, though, is that John's enthusiasm for Literature, finding ways into the character's stories and imagining other people more complexly has carried over into the way I read everything now. 
  • rnelle98rnelle98 Posts: 1
    They're both such great teachers. They keep you engaged and interested and are genuinely interested in what they teach. Way better than school. I learn more from a few hours watching crashcourse and things like it in Youtube than I do all day at school.
  • AndrejAndrej Posts: 1
    John & Hank are simply brilliant. Their teaching has a spirit, life... its contagious. Love it!
  • im1000applesim1000apples Posts: 16
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    The fact that this exists and people actively go out and watch it every week is a wondrous thing. It's nice to know that education of this caliber exists outside of some paid course and that people are actually genuinely interested in getting smarter every day.
  • I have to admit that I haven't watched John's videos, but hank is really expressive and funny.
  • KeeleyzincKeeleyzinc Asheville NCPosts: 60
    I love crash course :)
    Crash course world history is my fave because I've learned a lot and it has helped me study plus it's a perfect way to get a good laugh :)
  • PresidentDogPresidentDog Havre de Grace, MDPosts: 21
    I appreciate anything that makes learning palatable and entertaining and CrashCourse is a perfect example. I do have to admit, I like John's style a bit more but I think it's because he teaches subjects I'm more naturally interested in (I've never been much of a science person, though Hank does a good job and I do watch his CC videos). The balance of providing the not only the facts, but their impact and showing them in a way that sticks with the viewer is really the key to how effective CrashCourse is as a learning tool.
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  • gerenjiegerenjie Posts: 64 ✭✭
    How it's a mix of educational, entertaining, and free (as opposed to other non-youtube classes)
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