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jalestrojalestro Posts: 37
I'm really good at making titles for things.  Can you tell?  Currently, I know @Cassie, @Meredith and @teknicolourful are all interested in a gathering here.  Who else is interested?

Also, when works for people?  I'm happy to plan things, I'm even happy to host (I have a very nerdfightastic apartment with tons of board games, DFTBA Records albums, other great music, geeky movies and TV etc, etc) or set something up at a all ages friendly venue like a bowling alley or something less physical that I can't think of at the moment.

However, I leave London on December 14th and won't be back for sure until August 2013 do to immense and awesome travel plans that are mostly irrelevant to this discussion.  So it would have to be before then if I'm organizing.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Need more info? Comment below!
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  • teknicolourfulteknicolourful Posts: 6
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    I would be happy to get together before you go and my work schedule is pretty flexible so I can probably work around most things.  So whatever works for others I'll probably be down for. 

    Also, I haven't really lived here very long so I'm not quite sure about good places to meet and that sort of stuff.
  • MeredithMeredith Posts: 40
    I think most people would be more comfortable in a public place...could we rent somewhere? We can try and get something together before you go but that puts quite the time crunch on it!
  • jalestrojalestro Posts: 37
    I agree that a public place would be more comfortable and easier for more people too.

    The time crunch is probably unreasonable to get something fully organized in the next 3 weeks... Hopefully this first one will be awesome and there will be more meetups when I'm back in London.
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  • GillianArcusGillianArcus Posts: 9
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    Yeah, I'm definitely interested too!
    I have exams coming up but most times would probably work
  • Most definitely interested! Might I suggest the market? Meaning the one downtown. Or possibly the downtown public Library?
  • me me me me me, pick me! I'm so happy to find other Nerdfighters in the second classiest London in the world
  • TruewhitTruewhit Posts: 2
    This would be quite lovely.
  • IAmANerdIAmANerd London OntarioPosts: 8
    Awww has this happened.... :( Im new to this community and just moved to London.....Will there be another gathering anytime soon @jalastro

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  • BovieWanBovieWan Posts: 5
    @IAmANerd I hope there's another gathering, I was not on the forums since the pre-hacker days. London could really use another Nerdfighter gathering. @jalestro Still interested in trying to organize?
  • TwistedShoutTwistedShout Posts: 6
    I. Would totally be interested in that. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Hi by the way. :) 
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