What has annoyed you today?

ireadtoavoidrealityireadtoavoidreality Watford, EnglandPosts: 5
Everyone gets annoyed by something everyday so here is a nice little discussion to help you vent out your feelings without judgement.
I’ll start; my sister stole my iPad and wouldn’t leave my room before saying “Why are you watching old men? I’m gonna tell everyone you like old men!” She acts like she is 5, guess what, she is 17!


  • AaronPhillAaronPhill 12046 Voyager Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80921Posts: 2 Newbie
    I too get annoyed when someone intentionally taunts me or starts being rude on purpose. Today a shopkeeper taunted me for not listening to his stupid complain about garbage not being picked from the front of his store (as my car is parked beside his shop's front). I told him that I clean that area as much as I can but he still insisted that I move my car away from that place as he thinks it belongs to him. Things like these get inside my mind and it keeps getting repeated all day long. To handle this sort of stress I usually engage in a fun discussion or activity or do something I like most
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