A Series of Unfortunate Events

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I had seen the movie in theaters when it first came out and own the DVD cause Jim Carrey is my favorite actor. The movie was OK but it felt kind of rushed and like it didn't really have an ending. I later found out that the reason is because they crammed I think four books into that one movie and there's actually more books after that which explains the open ending.

Then the Netflix series came out and while there are some things I think the movie did better... like I think some of the acting is better in the movie version and I kinda like how Lemony Snicket is always in shadow and is presented as more of a mysterious character in the movie version where as in the Netflix series it's Patrick Warburton, I just can't see him as anything other than Patrick Warburton. That said, the series takes it's time with the story rather than rushing from one place to the next and actually does more to solve the mystery aspect. There are still some differences from the books apparently.

That said Netflix has done something that the movie did not... I actually got interested in wanting to read the books this was based on... So with season 3 coming out soon I went to a Barns and Noble out of town (I was already heading out of town with my parents anyway taking my brother home after Christmas.) and picked up a copy of the first book... and was also very surprised to discover that the books were actually in the children's section... Not that I think there's anything too bad for kids but I just figured the more dark humor would put it more in the teen section than over by little children's pictures books who haven't even learned to read yet. It doesn't seem to be too long of a book but there's not really any pictures so I just don't get why it was in that small little preschool section. That's also kinda got me worried that maybe it is going to be more "kiddie" than the movie or Netflix versions but I only picked up the first book so we'll see if I like it enough to get the rest of the series.

The book even included a little sticker that says "Now a Netflix Original Series" so the series is promoting the books and the books are promoting the series... though I do wish they hadn't of slapped the sticker over the cover art. I managed to get it off with no visible residue. It's kind of an interesting art style. The pages also have something weird about them I can best describe as intentionally ripped. Like they aren't cleanly and evenly cut like most books, instead the edges of each page are rough and uneven and it seems to be intentionally made this way which is kind of interesting and the only reason I'm even talking about it is because I've never seen a book to that before.

Oh and I was mistaken before there actually are some pictures in here just not on every page. Same art style as the cover but only the cover is in color... That might cause some issues for me later... I don't know why but whenever I look at black and white images for extended periods of time I have gone temporarily blind... My vision has come back after a few minutes but for some weird reason it's like difficult to process images without color. No one has been able to figure it out, It happened a few times when I was a kid and the only common thing with each time I went blind is that I was focusing on a black and white image just before it happened every time. As long as I look up away from the page every so often and don't star at it too much I should be fine.
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    Lovely blog.
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    I own the books and have read them multiple times. I really liked them. I do think that they read a little young for my taste, but they're still good. They leave more mystery than the series. It doesn't wrap things up and stick a little bow on it like they did on Netflix. I think I like it better that way. But I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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