Paint by numbers Pizza John shirt - share thread

Ok, I realize that since Pizzamas merch won't be shipped until December I'm jumping the gun here, but I personally can't wait for it and since I'm not on social media much and this is the central gathering place of Nerdfighteria (correct me if I'm wrong) I thought it would be awesome to have a central place here where we collect all the amazing designs that are guaranteed to spring from this idea of awesome of this years Pizzamas.

I also hope this is the right place to put this. If not may someone with the appropriate powers please move it where it belongs and forgive me for my incompetence.
My first (and in some places still active) screen name was Ellena.
This became Ellster.
Elster is the German word for magpie.
Therefore I am sometimes called Mag Pie. Although my name is not Mag. But I do like pie.
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