Help please

Not sure if I can ask this here, but anyway, I need your help. I underwent an ftm surgery 4 weeks ago and I am recovering well. I would like to know how soon can I have sex after this procedure? I read some details here,
How should I get going? What are the physical activities that I can do at this stage? And when can I resume my normal exercise routine and participate in weight lifting exercises?
Waiting for your replies.


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    Mate, I'm trans myself so I get the urge to try and find others in the community who can give insight; but you're asking for medical advice from strangers on an open (mostly cis) forum on the internet. You are going to get some crappy advice.

    They haven't cut muscle, just removed glandular tissue; so once the skin scars have settled to the point where you can use your full range of back and shoulder movement without pain, discomfort, or itching at the scar site then you should be good to go.

    You need to talk to your doctor though. You need a medical opinion from your surgeon and your general practitioner. We can't give you that, and we can't be a viable substitute for a professional opinion.

    Good luck though, and congrats mate :)
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