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Baby_GhostlingBaby_Ghostling Upstate New YorkPosts: 5
Hi everybody!! I could really use your help. I'm an Archivist/Librarian, and I just found out my contract will not be renewed this year. I will lose my job in September (because we have no funding!)

I was wondering if anyone knew about some interesting job opportunities? I'm a longstanding nerdfighter (although newish to this site) and I want to use my degree to support generally decreasing world suck.

I have a Masters degree, in Library and Information Sciences, from Syracuse University. I also have a few years worth of experience, working in both an archive and a public library. I prefer museum or archive work, but I am a big supporter of public libraries too.


  • davidradiodavidradio 1948 College Avenue DaytonPosts: 1 Newbie
    Hi Baby_Ghostling!

    Good luck for you!
  • Gara_the_engineerGara_the_engineer In a log house at the edge of the forestPosts: 633 ✭✭✭
    I have no ideas really, but I wish you luck in your job-hunting!
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  • colleencolleen Posts: 2 Newbie
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    Hi Syracuse Nerdfighter! I just moved to Syracuse, I am a librarian, and I give excellent GLAM job search advice. Let me know if you're still here and you want to meet up. Do I already work with you? I kind of suspect I do, but can't 100% tell from the photo :) If so, say hi at work and DFTBA, and if not, message me and I can help. - Colleen
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